Saturday, April 09, 2005


After married, I have cut down 80% of my shopping and time do things I like. Yesterday I just told my ex-colleague - Karen, happened that she called me and ask me when I can shop with her. Well, I said I dunno when I have the time. I miss that very much, like can't updating myself...all shopping now is more on food n college fren wan to pass me her wedding gift to after married 1 month like still got gift..i still dunno when i can hav the time for her to pass that to me..and many many thigns wan to do...fren wan to look for me for drink and chit-chat, none of them I able to attend yet..friend very very sorry...married and single is big diffrent...Brandon's clubbing friend is kept on asking him out...but all he also can't make it..and rejected.

Talking abt what is the latest movie, fashion, gadget, I totally lost track..poor me >_< . Well I know this is not so important, but can't only work and work for 48 hours a week..really so tired I need that time out...Besides that I also need time to stay at home more. Now every night after fitness reach home almost 10pm, bed time abt 11.30pm, next morning before 8am have to go out to work..monday - saturday in full. Sunday only half day at home..24 hours like not enough. ohh...God pls help me..I wan to give more time to you and also other things, I can't juggle all equally..still try to adjusting all this..pls help me....dunno when I can't do all the least life won't surround with works...and I dun wan whole married life tied up...

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