Monday, April 18, 2005

Surprise her and impressive

Since last Saturday was my mum birthday, as what we plan was to celebrate with her on the actual day. But, so bad that the restaurant I want to booked was full…so yesterday, finally can celebrate my mum’s birthday. Bought her a handphone Nokia 1100. I choose this is because it looks simple and easy to use. I think she will happy to have it. Coz previously I bought her a DiGi Simpack and thought that we hav a second hand h/p which still can be used, but end up when slot in the card, the phone can’t start up then send to technician and he said due to long time not use it so some electronic parts inside have not function. So, that’s it. Today I bought her a new one..ok la..not only hubby and my brother share out too.

We have lunch celebration at Imperial City, bought her a cake too. We spend her a simply lunch there. She smile and smile…very happy and touching…and all of us also enjoy celebrate very much.

Later after lunch, went to 1 Utama shopping with hubby before we went house warming of an uncle (my church member) at the evening. Again, 1U everytime went there parking problem, full..full full…always turn round for very long only able to get a parking space. Walk for 3 hours there and bought something + have a drink.

At evening went to Uncle Chong’s bungalow for his open house party at Bangsar Hill opposite BSC, Jln Merang Serai. Big big houses there, very high class, no fencing, all open area, with guard house. According to him him that currently Prime Minister’s son and Brunei Sultan’s relative also stay there. 32 bungalows only at his area and all with difference design and landscape, one word in all…very nice place and impressive ..the house cost 5000k (5 hundred million). Spacious house and nice interior design, my mum describe it as 7 stars…haha... centralize air-con..White colour kitchen, maid bedroom are big too..guest hall and TV hall separated, with big swimming pool and Jacuzzi pool with a bar stand beside it, waterfall landscape. Bedroom are design based on each children taste. Master bedroom size is as big like more than half size of my small apartment. Each bedroom toilet and changing room area separated from bed. His second daughter loves Coca-cola collection. The wall beside her bed was a rack up to the ceiling..all full of her collection display…another corner Pepsi also got…I believe all that not found locally…Her elder daughter rooms are mainly white colour with many teddy bear and soft toy…lining beside her bed...outside the bedroom are the glass corridor, no wall fencing only with wooden window rolling curtain (dunno how to call that, those like u pull up like raising flags…in most office have it la..)..from there you can see the swimming pool and waterfall landscape…can say each bedroom having different scenery view from the bedroom…very relax man!! Another room was at downstairs…is her youngest daughters house. She is not there, just went backto Australia, last time we used to talk to each other. Her room was Australian feel…wan to say is her toilet…very big and deep and the shower tap area are with glass door surround with the garden, which you can see flowers and grass…and no roof top above her shower area…wondering when raining sure her bathroom cannot be used. But, I’m sure it have the specialty of this shower area. That’s all want to describe about the house…impressive..impressive..They really spend a lot of effort there…and that also God grace to them and they able to stay bigger and bigger house. He is formerly one of the owner of Malacca Riviera Bay Resort. He wants to sell off the hotel and have seek for buyer for long…and currently he is Esquire Kitchen share holder, other than that I dunno what he do…he is damn rich…aunty also very nice very frenly with old and young ppl…be there for few hours then we went home..(sorry..may b my description of the house is interesting and you might wan to see how nice is this house, but too bad my camera not batt..sighhh..) ..ok..that’s my day…

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