Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another pain...

Last Sunday went to clean the tomb for Brandon’s side grandmother at Seremban cemetery and her mum at Nirwana Memorial Park. All the day traffic was terrible in both places. Upon reaching the Seremban cemetery, jam for almost 2 hours, moving like a snail and when coming out from Nirwana jam for 1 ½ hours. The journey waste time in the traffic jam…tire not because of the praying is because of the traffic jam. Everything finish and reached home at 4.15pm. We faster took bath and take a nap before go back home for dinner.

My knee sorrow was getting better. Now not that painful anymore. Yesterday still able to join bodycombat class and do front, back and side kick. But, when moving and punching my left arm pain this time. Yesterday went to clinic took the 1st dose of Hepatitis B injection. Blood test and body check up for year 2003 shows that my Hepatitis B antibody is –ve. Very painful, coz it inject into the muscle…today still pain when pressing it. Need to do light massage and dap to let the vaccine move.

Feel very tire only today. Every morning hope that I can slept until 7am, but :(

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