Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When you're 21st

Monday night, went to Restaurant Pik Wah to have dinner to celebrate SIL#3 21st birthday. A 8 course dinner, taste ok ok. This is my SIL#3 currently still pursuing her study in Graphics Design at TARC. The youngest in the family.
It let me think a while how was my 21st birthday. I did celebrate it at home with my family member, relatives, church friends, close friends and ex-bf that time. My mum and others home cook the buffet dinner and a big cake custome made by my baker cousin. Around 80-90 guests were invited. Many many birthday presents for me and after party end went clubbing with some friends. Photo taken with my elder brother, mum and dad. When I was still 21st, I'm happily enjoying my college life, of cause when comes to course work and assigment it is not so enjoy la. Having fun with friends to go outing, clubbing and going here and there. Enjoying pak-toh time and pampered from 1st ex-bf.

Looking back that time, I'm still looking young and with good figure. That goes to my dad and mum, now they really look age on their face. Times flies...7 years after the markable celebration I'm now building a new family. Checking out with hub how did he celebrate it, he did having fun celebrate it too with friends.

21st is so important as it is an age marked as a beginning of being an adult. A legal age to do anything you want, like gambling, drinking, entering club/disco and etc..and if you commit crime can make you go jail and not send you to character build center. Still remember how and what you did on 21st? lets share.


huisia said...

i can't recall how i celebrated my 21st birthday..but only recall the man with me that time is the man with me now :)

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Pik Wah restaurant sounds familiar. Is it the one in town? Next to it is the basketball association something something???

papajoneh said...

Hey, nice party. for me, i can't remember the 21st b'day. Must have been drunk with freinds that time. LOL. Those were the days. :)

Sasha said...

PIK familiar wan


Judy Chow said...

Hui Sia - so sweet with your man, me with different man that time.

Etc~mommy, Sasha - Restaurant Pik Wah at Menara MABA, the basketball association. The restaurant is lower ground floor one. That restaurant my FIL favourite. The food is nice and cheaper.

Papajoneh - at least you still have an unforgetable time, anyway not many time in life can get drunk.

papajoneh said...

LOL. Judy.. so many unforgetable drunk time... If I blog post about it everyone will get bored reading it. Just a hint, end up alone on the beach... with no clothes on and everyone not around! LOL.