Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Birthday updates

Last Saturday morning, went to Management office to collect the function hall key while my mum was here to drop things for the party. During collection of key they told me that they haven't wash the hall yet. I was like a bit angry already, they confirmed me twice clean it first then only let me to used, but now last minute they said the cleaner no contract for cleaning the hall, they ask me to do it myself. It is so dirty and dusty inside. Damn! if you don't have someone to clean it why don't you tell me earlier, as the tables and chairs will reach in the afternoon, what you want me to do now, I clean myself? So the head of Management saw me so angry and knowing that is part of their fault to promise thing but couldn't be done, so he volunteer to clean it for me.

I bring down the broom and both sweep half-half. After done, he left. He prove to me that if I wash it couldn't be dry in a day. I don't care what he said, I still feel the floor is very dusty. I'm so particular in cleaniness, somemore tomorrow kids and foods are placing in, I don't want the guest sit in a dusty hall. So, I bring down the pale and mop, start wet mopping + fan wind dry the big hall by myself alone for 2 hours. My mum look after Terry for a few hours. I was extremely tired from shoulder to leg, after that cleaning...back home, shower, half dead already. Then, my mum left, I didn't rest continue to pump air for the balloons.

Later around 4.30pm the rental ppl call me as they reach for putting in the tables and chairs. So, I went down open the door for them. It calls it a day, Brandon back home late at 10.30pm having team building activity for the Insurance Agent, couldn't help me anything.

Sunday morning, wake up early tidy up the house, wait for birthday boy wake up, feed and bath, then went down to clean the 80 dusty chairs. Hubby refused to help in the hall for hanging up the balloons and arranging the tables and chairs. My mum reached in time to help me, else will gonna be doing it alone again. All he did just shift down some can drinks and chilling it, then went look see look see..and not helping in the hall...you tell me I tired or not, for him being not co-operative in doing all the heavy work, before and after (*piss off already, some argument is there*).

After I done my work, went up bath, prepared vege for porridge and changed birthday boy. My brother came, help me to pump air for more balloons and ask the waiter from catering to hang the balloons. Dad help me went to Ampang to collect cake. Mum help me feeding Terry while I'm busy running up and down, also carry down the heavy playpen. I really feel that I alone doing everything, without my family help I don't know how to turn on this party. Luckily my stamina still enough the sustain for the whole party.

Wait for my church pastor came, after blessing prayer for Terry and the party then all starts makan-makan. Guests were slowly arrived, some lost their way and direct them from the calls, entertain my birthday boy who refused to be carry by others or play in playpen, snapping photo, served the guest, chit-chat with them, you said I got time to sit down eat or not? I don't mind also coz host is like that one la...but surprisingly I'm not that hungry even after all hard work..after cut cake distribute to the guest. 30 mins later, the waiter told me they need to clear up by 3.30pm. So, since guest are almost here and not much of them are eating, so those can pack all pack up and distribute to some late comer and left a few for ourselve.

After caterer clear up, my family and cousin help to keep the tables, chair, pack up foods and taking down the balloons. I kept going up and down again to bring things back to home and later sweep the hall. Hubby went up with Terry put him to sleep then stay at home, take bath until everybody finish work he came down help to talk to the guard to unlock my mum's car kena clamp for parking at illegal area. End up failed ask them to unlock it, keep on asking for hall rental letter. We failed to prove it to them, cause when I collected the key, they hold back my rental letter. We also don't want to pay for unlock it, so unscrew the tyre and replace the spare tyre then those ppl only come to unlock it...I stay at home with Tess, the very last late comer who came after everything clear up as she is having 2 kids party to attended too, so just invite her to our house and served her drinks. Chit-chat a while then she left. I tidy up the left over food then sit to rest.

That's my busy, happy and unhappy weekend.


Etcetera~Mommy said...

Terry would be very glad when he read this post one day knowing how much effort the mummy had put in for his special day. You've done your 110% Judy....well done!

Baby Darren said...

Well..luckily your family are there to help..

The plus point is the party turned out well and it is all worth it for your little Darling boy...