Friday, May 04, 2007

11 months old

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This is the last month to call him as baby Terry. Again, like other mummies it was just like yesterday I bring him back from hospital. As he grows quite miss those day when I still can carry him with one hand, the new born baby look and baby smell.

Some updates about this baby at 11 months old.

Milk: 6 -6.5 oz /3 times per day
Solid: Porridge / 2 times per day
Fruit: Apple or Pear / 2-3 times a week
Water: 6-7 oz per day
Teeth: 4 up, 4 down
Poo-ed: 2-3 times per day
Sleep: 2 times day nap, night sleep 11.30pm-9am
Diaper: size L (Currently on Huggies and Pampers)
Cloth: size 12-18 months
Shoe: size 2
For weight and height will update next 2 weeks when he go for jap.

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1. Finally, he able to hold on bar to squat position, but if want to sit from holding bar, he still trying hard to pull his leg back to front position.

2. He know when the things can touch when cannot touch. Once I voice "ohh.." (no matter high tone or soft tone) he straight away cry, very pityful crying like I already whack him. This is powerful word, anyone voice up "ohh.." he also can cry. When I said "No, No" his hand will get off the things.

3. When saw new things, he won't straight away grab over. He will touch it softly with finger again and again with hands too, then only pick it up. He will hold it look left, right, up, down, play with it a while, then only he will bite. Still love teether.

4. Open cupboards and drawer and try to take things out and pat it.

5. Started to watch TV for long. He loves watching Barney, cartoon from TV is still not like it very much. Advertisement with babies and kids love the most.

6. When push in stroller once stop by, he will cry. He wants us to push without stop. Unless there are things attracted to him, then we can stop by a while.

7. Love to run in walker. Now, I let him wear the soft shoe to run around, else his toe nail getting more hurt. He won't go explore around when we adult staying at a same place.

8. Able to follow simple action, once you taught him a few times. But, very fast forget when ask him to do the action again, he won't do. He still remember how to wave bye-bye.

9. Once we carry him away from playing or when shows he don't like it, he will kick.

10. Completely no more sarong, all time playpen or baby cot.

11. Sleeping time, many round of getting up down in the baby cot, crying and drink water then only can fall sleep. Sometime if he cry and up down too much, I'll whack him with bolster then he can go quiet without go up down then a while later he fall asleep. Sometime when soft cry I don't bother him. Never nurse him to sleep since like 7-8 months old.

Overall, he still not that naughty and cranky, as long as his stomach full and have a good sleep.


huisia said...

ya...his birthday just near the corner now..

Annie Q said...

Terry such a good naughty and cranky. Yea, another few weeks he is going to turn 1 year old lo..time flies...

Etcetera~Mommy said...

Time flies.. Happy 11 months!

Sasha said...

its time to lower down the bed ya? looks scary like terry can jump out anytime la

papajoneh said...

almost 1 year.... must be really exciting. Take lots of pictures. sure fun one. even better, get it on video. I wonder where's my oy video then Kekeke.
hmm, sorry.. came here from sasha the HFB ;) Nice to know u.

HMom said...

The first one year is so exciting seeing how they progress.