Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10 things I hate about my hubby

Getting this tag from my friend Karen. Well, not to say what I hate la, put it this way, things I don't like him to do that way and what I piss off with him.

1. He critize my friends and relatives. Once he spotted anything not right, he will talk about it and give them a nick name. Tell them my friend's name he might not that remember, but to remind him whats the friend behaviour that he come across he will recall it.

2. Ask him things need to repeat twice or more to get his answer on 'yes or no'. If not prompting for more time, you don't get him to open his mouth.

3. Try not join me in any of my church event or family occasion. Give a reason to skip it. A time really piss off that, he promised to join me for Terry's full month party at church, a friend go invite him to watch Japan GT for free at Sepang circuit, he take that as an excuse that he want to go and ask me go ahead do myself, is your thing, the party is not related to him. Now, hardly back to my parent's home for dinner, unless special occasion with special invitation.

4. If happens to pick me up from my parent's home, when he reached the door step and I'm still busy packing up or dealing with Terry, he rather sit in the car wait for long than to get in the house to wait.

5. He buy more things or gadgets for himself (expensive one) rather than spend much on buying good food or eat good. When come to buy good food, this and that is expensive. When I try to buy things limited my spending and said this and that is expensive.

6. He make big decision on behalf of me without my notice, never seek my opinion or open up to discuss first before confirm things.

7. Complains more than compliment.

8. At weekend or holiday, he rather sleep more or go to do his own things (gym, hiking, meeting friends) rather than spending time with Terry or go out shopping/eating/go park.

9. He don't like Terry go around the house when he at home, scared he touch this and that and get hurt. Always want me to carry or entertain him or close him in the playpen.

10. Keep things to himself rather than talk to each other. After a long day work, came home nothing to talk with me. He can remain quiet for the whole night, Terry is talking more than him.

Not passing this tag.


karenyiau said...

Eh Judy, I feel like you are talking about my hubby when I read point #4, do they went to the same school ar? ;P I wonder if most men (i mean husbands) are like this.

Judy Chow said...

hai, don't know leh...tot school won't teach them this right? btw, he from Tsun Jin

Will read and see this tag for other blogger, see got any similiarity.

Sasha said...

aiks i never tot uwill do this tag.

peimun & kendra said...

Hi Judy, what a great blog you have.

Annie Q said...

Er..#5 sound so familiar?hehehe.
My hub also the same things, but he will spend on good food, but when ever i buy thing he will said y u buy so many and so expensive!

Amidrin said...

Hi Judy, I always like reading your blog. But I very seldome or never post any comment. But this topic prompted me to do so.

No doubt, I am not married yet, but the thing I hate about my bf is quite similar with your point #3 & #4. I think after married it will definately turn out to be exactly like yours....

karenyiau said...

Hahaha maybe we all should read this tag from other bloggers & find the similarity among all husbands, no prize to be won though.... ;P

Malaika's mummy said...

eh..sound familiar, no 10. I think men are like this, never talk to much. Like you and me now, a SAHM, really want some adult conversation and yet they don't want to talk.