Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all blogger mummies. May you have truly treasure the motherhood life and continue to show your motherly love in bringing up your kids and manage your family.

Yes, being a mother is definitely not an easy task. As the sermon yesterday shared by the Pastor's wife. Bible said, a man is not complete without the woman. Woman is made from the ribs of man, born from man to be his helper, to multiple and to fulfil needs. Woman is a special creation from God, in every single elements in a woman is more discreet than a man. Man are born to be simple. So, pls do not ask why a woman is more sentimental, soft hearted, kind, emotional, details and etc, because she is not a man.

May all husband and children continue to treasure who your wife/mother is. Mother day is not the only special day to show your love, your love to her is unconditional and never ending. No special reason and special day to show your love, because she is your only mom. Like my mum said, if we are the good children of her, everyday is mother day.

Yesterday, every mom in the church received a stalk of Carnation with a bird design on it. This is my first year eligible to celebrate mother's day and I'm the youngest mom in the church. Didn't go anywhere special to celebrate it, it is just a normal Sunday to me and my mum still cook the dinner for us.


Baby Darren said...

happy belated mother's day to you!!

papajoneh said...

Happy Mommies Day. Belated but still applicable. :)

Sasha said...

hapy belated mommie day!

huisia said...

happy belated mother's day to you!