Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meaning of the name TERRY

Shoppingmum tagged me on this. Actually when first come to give name to our first baby, we thought of asking Terry's great grandpa to fix for the name, but he is too old to think of it and he said he don't know how to name it. FIL that time also no comment or suggestion on names. So, ok lorr, we then think a few Christian name and chinese name, shortlisted it and let FIL choose it. Here is my boy's name

Terry Pang Chee Hing 彭智兴

Terry - Ruler of the people
智 - Wisdom, from the word (智)慧
兴 - Happy, joy, from the word 高(兴)

We just immediatedly fix his name as it is after my FIL picks it and everyone also no comment of it. Thats how his name comes from.

I want to know how your kid's name comes
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Etcetera~Mommy said...

Nice name!!! OK, I go back ask MIL how to write the chinese character and reply the tag... *blehhh*

jazzmint said...

hmm nice name..and luckily no one object fast fast kow tim haha