Friday, May 11, 2007

Edmond & Chook

Congratulation to Edmond & Siew Chook on their wedding tomorrow. Both are my church member. Edmond from East M'sia and Chook from Taiping. They know each other during college days. This guy is soft spoken and always smile. Last time we have been working a while as a part timer in doing market price check. Chook is very determine girl and very capable in handling kids event in church like Bible camp, VBS, children club outing and etc.

According to them actually they planning to get married next year, but due to Edmond plan to work in Dubai in 2 months later, they got to tie the knot this time. Later, Chook will go there to work as well. So envy them, going to earn USD there. But, we surely miss them a lot in church. Tomorrow will attending their wedding dinner in Restaurant Oriental Pearl, Bukit Jalil Golf Club.


Sasha said...

First one! hahahahaha

Eh yr page very hard to loadla.

Anyway, nice pic. Looking back at the pics reminds me of my old wedding pic..

Annie Q said...

congratulation to Edmond & Chook.