Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Before Terry turns 1

A few more days to go before Terry to turn 1. As I calling my guest to attend the birthday party, everybody was said like, fast...1 year old already. See, thats how time flies.

As the days goes by, he really grows and understand us a lot. Lately, he able to learn those simple actions we taught. His famous baby language is "buuu bak", I don’t know what it means. He has been talking it since like 8 or 9 months old. He can call out this anytime, at time when he excited he shout it out, he wants your attention he say it and whenever we ask him to say it certainly he will repeat after you. He knows how to clap hand now, so cute when he did it. I couldn't record it down as when I hold on my camera, he won't do anymore just want to grab my camera and start crying for it. When I said, how to fart (fong pei) he will said "buup" and then patting his front. It was started when my mum fart he heard it then he says out the "buup".

2 weeks ago, started to let him watch TV during daytime. Since daddy brought back Barney VCD from Indonesia trip, so I on that for him. It is in Bahasa version (Indo slang), but songs are all in original English. He can watch that over and over again for weeks, I was like, how come he don't feel boring at all...This is the his first Barney VCD.

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Everyday watch twice at least - morning and noon. Yesterday night, when I'm watching chinese drama, he make fuss there after his dinner, don't know what he wants. Put on bed - cry, don't want, carry - don't want, sit on lap watch TV - don't want. Just like everything is not right, so try to make him watch TV and said there is small kids there (for small kids, I will tell him that is little friend 'siao peng you'), he can quiet down for a moment. After a while when he couldn't see any small kids on the TV he will cry again. So I know what he wants now, I said come watch your Barney, straight away he excited and talking there, wait for me to on it and see how his eye glued to the TV.

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Yesterday was breaking record, watch Barney for 3 times. Soon will be monopoly my TV time. He really love watching small kids. The Holicks ad he loves the most since like 9 months old. Whenever he was lying down and heard TV got Ho-Ho-Ho, straight away he jump up very fast and watch the ad. Even when heard from radio, he will also get up fast and stare on TV. He must have thought that, ei, how come TV blank one, coz all the while he was watching from TV.


HMom said...

Looks like Barney has a number 1 fan!!

Sasha said...

my son loves barney too! glued to the tv. hahahahah

you can see here

huisia said...

jo loved barney before but now is Ultraman and Power Ranger