Friday, November 26, 2004

Things are comfirm

Finally got my makeup artist set! cheong sam tailor set! and test making card almost ok! Makeup artist was recommended by Tess. After few comparison, found that she giving reasonable price and better service, so I take her. Cheong sam I've got the E'tho designer wear tailor to tailor made for me, with the design and cloth I want. She also give some opinion on my design, will collect after 1 month. I also ordered 200 pcs leafs for making my invitation card. Have test it out the result is simply satisfied. I think I still need to modified here and there la..especially the ribbon part. This weekend will also going to comfirm the DVD for bridal shoot and Video cameraman.

You know what, after I inform friends about my wedding, a few of long-time-no-see friends are calling up again to keep in touch. The feeling was still know the touch was so close again and also feel miss them, coz long-time-no-see. OK lorr...we chit-chat to update each other and the feel was still that close, and it never apart from us eventhough LTNC.

Yahoo! today is pay day...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Who are you?

Cartoon character: Sponge Bob Square Pants
You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never want to loose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people then you will be stress-free.

My comment: quite accurate geh...

Monday, November 22, 2004

Friends are helping hand

I rarely ask friend for help. In fact, friend in deed are friend in need (am I right?) This is very very true, whenever I need a helping hand, friends are there for you. During my these 2 weeks of wedding preparation, I really deep in touch with their help. As I need contacts for makeup artist, inviation card material, tailor, beautician, costume, as whatever I need, I asked for their recommendation. I got their calls day after days for those contacts they have. Friends you all are so great, thank you very much, all effort are appreaciate.

My closest cousin sis, Evan, my bridemaid to-be, she also lend her helping hand in searching for the contacts and on and off she did gave me a lot of advise, even she is younger than me, she can tell from experience, for those wedding occasion she attend /come across.

Today during office hour, since not much urgent work to do, I call up all the contacts on hand to ask more, make comparison and fix appointment. Really... many many things to do and to go on. Are you boring reading my blog lately? all..... writing about wedding preapation? haha..yes, is pretty more to go.... read hard ^_^

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Busy Sunday

Right after church today, the rest of my day have spend in preparing wedding stuff. First, went to bridal studio to ask for photo/video man, makeup artist, coat measurement, booking time for gown try, album book repair (this gonna be bad, as my album kept for a while the side of the book came out already).

After all this done, we went to our fren's house at Cheras 9th miles, to get some of her advise on wedding-things-to-do. Before we left the place about 5pm+ we pass by Kajang town and taste the Kajang Satay, never been there to eat before, very nice lorr. Love it, yummy!

This was very very rush hour, coz today I need to attend Kim Boon's wedding, and promised my colleague to pick me up at 7pm. Gosh, I reached home only by 7pm, so I called her to come at 7.30pm. I quickly shower, dress up, blow hair and make up. 7.20pm, Li Li was at my gate already. We managed to reach at 7.45pm, dinner starts 8.45pm. I was very tired and sleepy. Dinner ok taste not bad, only things is the tai kam jie very noisy, anyway she was making fun of the guest. After dinner, manage took photo with Kim Boon and browse thru his photo album. Reach home at 11.30pm, tired already.

From left: Chong, Chew, me, Alice, Poh Lin, Lily and Esther.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Gathering with schoolmate

Yesterday night it was a fantastic one to meet up my primary+high school frens - Carol and Josephine. We not meet each other for 4 years time, as we are busy with own works and pak toh. Tonight we finally can meet up. Although previously I did ask for gathering but seems everyone was so busy. So today I feel extremely greatful for 2 of them can turn up on this gathering. I tell you a night for us is pretty not enough to share our story.

Carol and me first having dinner at this Siam Kitchen, Jo join later as she late for work. We ordered ala-carte dinner. As the food serve, still can't stop our chat. Coz we really long time not contact. The feeling was so touch and close again like last time. Gosh, I tell you we chat until the food is getting cold and we also can't finish it. It was like not eating also can feel full embrassing that we not even realiase that we talk so loud in the restaurant until the near table ppl look at 2 of paiseh...luckily the table near us is empty if not I think ppl will complained us already.

Later when Jo join us, we continue our chat and sharing at Starbucks...time flies just a blink, we gathering until 11pm then we go home. Both of them also promised to be my 'ji mui' during my big day and willing to offer any help in anyway on my preparation. What a thoughtful said that, since I married at this age, next time my children can be their flower boy or girl..hahah...Before we go we promised to meet up again, and all of us are looking for the day.

You know so long I'm not having this close feeling already. It was a touching a remembrance gathering.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Invitation card

I got the idea of this wedding card design, it was so impressive and lovely. I particularly love this 3 designs. I so excited to see such beautiful made card. I was thinking that to hand-made it myself. I also discussing and sharing the idea over the ICQ with Suzanne and she so thoughtful that she can help me to look for the material of the card and offer help in making it.

I also getting some friends idea which one they like. Almost vote goes for 2nd one. My own preference would be either 1st or 2nd, I still need get advise from parent which one they prefer. I might modified the card color and wording to put on front cover.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Date changed

Due to the previous set on wedding day was not so good, our parents agree that the wedding date would have it early which is on the 27-FEB-2005. Suddently become more busy, coz the day is near, I still haven't get my dinner venue. Ohh gosh! the next thing I want to do is get the dinner venue set. I went to book at my favourite restaurant. Anyway before go I already know that sure no place for me, coz those good days for wedding sure not much left, somemore that my date is very near from now. OK...nevermind, when I asked about it they do not have place anymore. Thank God that they offer us another restaurant which going to open soon. So not think any longer I book the place.

These few days I really so tired to do all these, not a easy task. To comfirm this and that, now consider major things done. Start calling up, SMS to inform friends of the day for those I plan to invite. Next I will get myself a cheong sam, comfirm costume with bridal house, go for facial treatment and body treatment, to get prepare myself to feel great on my big day ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Holiday busy....

Have been not blogging for 3 days, although I on-leave on these few day 11/11-16/11. Things are getting roll-on after our parent met to talk about marriage. Our big day would be on 3rd APRIL 2005. Not too long, not too short. Many many to-do things need to get done. The most important now is getting the dinner venue set, and list down all the dinner attandees. Can't listed all here, will get updating if possible.

Mum have been preparing, make discussion with me and make decision for me for almost everything, her suggestion are the most valuable one. As I don't really know what things to follow eg. chinese wedding ceremony culture those give and take. From there she also teach me a lot, for some I also ask for the meaning of doing it. Just learn from her.

Suddently have a feel that, I going to leave her soon, as I going to married. Can't see her everyday, sure I misssss her cook and her pampered. And, my family also will going to miss a home organiser and a person who always remind each other. I will treasure all the moment with them... tears wet my eye

Monday, November 08, 2004

My turn for wed plan

Arrrghh...been seeing a lot of relatives and friends how they go thru their wedding plan and get things turn out to be a memorable one. Now my turn liow...been planning out together since a year ago. Now is the right time to get things roll on..

This week is parent meet up time to talk about marriage arrangement. Follow on that, would be 2 of us to carry out the plan, including ROM, house renovation, dinner attandee name list, dinner booking, card printing, do a lot of calling up, ceremony year would be our year to tied the knot.

Well really a lot to do, I prefer all things go simple and yet memorable one. Since Brandon's family will come over. My mum and dad both start cleaning the house, later Raya holiday will paint the house. Just now I even start writing down all the relatives and friends name with them. Things to do is getting more and yet to list.

Brandon have start up homepage special about our wedding. This include both our story from young age till now. Will let everyone know once we are ready.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Today read this article in Star paper Compulsive shopping a sign of deeper problems. You see, topic and things to do with shopping, sales ad sure caught my attention. Really a problem if we shop without control. The topic describe some point really closed to me, but for me I'm still not to that extend

A number of people become shopaholics to cope with their low moods. They don’t need, or particularly want, an item, but shopping makes them feel better, so they become compelled to do it.

“I shop quite a lot, almost everyday, because I work near a shopping centre. I don’t really buy expensive things but I will buy whatever I like without really thinking about it. It makes me feel good especially after a bad day at work,” says Wong.

It is very true that shopping really can make us happy and feel good. When tension, anxiety or depression, this is one of the activity I used to do. I control myself by using those I have in my purse only, not not and no no to touch credit card. Once I swipe the amount won't be small. having great wish list, and the desire is never ending. The major one is they do not have enough shoes and cloth. is it? give me 5 !

Cinderella alive

Today my cousin sis - Evan's birthday, she invites me to join her in Bar Fly at 11.30pm. I've been n'th months not clubbing. ok..At first I think of not joining her coz of my transport problem and I know it really let her down. Surprisingly, after an hour I appear to her, I can see how the joyous she have on her face, yes I was happy too that I'm able to join her. She dress up sexy enough, eye of guys all follow on her.

She spend me whisky and we dance together. Her bunch of fren so friendly enough, and got to know some of them, total 20 of them. I pretty miss clubbing very much, it was like tonight I'm alive!. hahaha...I drink a few glasses n took a few pic, will show u later. 2am back home safely.

My next clubbing would be on 20/11, Heineken Thirst Event at Zouk, another place I'm longing to have a look. Hopefully I can make it. Since my colleague and me we are handling this beer project, hopefully she able to get some invitation pass from client. Last time client did offer her Guinness Black Party passes but she not took it coz she dun have partner to go with. So now I told her if got any event on I can be her partner, we both go enjoy enjoy..

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dad's word

I have a friendly and open minded dad, since young he seldom shout at his children. Thats why I so love to talk to him. Anything I happy, unhappy, any problem, difficulties I will talk to him. We share a lot of story, as he can share his experience and how to deal with situation, so that I will be take pre-caution and know how to make wise decision. Sometimes I even throw my frustration I faced to him...haha..well he really have the great power to clam me, comfort me and cheer me.

Today I discuss with my dad about I want to have another investment policy. He certainly agree with me to take an investment one, because the return is better. Get at young age which cover all in 1 is better after all. So I still doing comparison within Great Eastern and Prudential about the coverage area in the policy. I should get one after listen to my dad advise.

See from an undecided one to decided really makes a lot of different. After listen to his advise I got more confident in doing all things. I don't know how one day if this great dad is not with me all the time.

Treasure all the moment with your loves one!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lovely tulip

Look! this is too lovely..Tulip flower in Netherland!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Good day

My lovely cousin sis SMS me early morning 2.40am. Rupa-rupanya she invites me to join her party this Friday at Bar Fly. Not mention anything going on, but I know is her birthday la..Well still thinking on whether to join or partner to go with me :( but I really hope I can be there.

This morning listen to this WA FM 97.6 while going to work. Host by KK and Chui Ling. Both really create a lot of laughter in the morning. Although morning time not much latest info and news to present, normally they more on create topics. Sometimes I feel they crazy, 'pak chi' and 'san pat', on the way they talk. But they really create little laughter in the morning, which really cheer me up. This morning they came back with the session "tai zing gu". They call a 'unknown', KK talk in gal voice address the person with not the correct name, then they start talk non-stop on the phone, without let any chnce for the person who they call to answer and ask, this makes the person feel funny and curious, and in actual they don't know who is the one who calling them. Really farny..hahaha....all talk rubbish and crap, actually no special meaning just laugh on the crap and they way they talk...

My ex-colleague came to office visit us after office hour, he sent us 'red boom' for his wedding, mid of this month. He sent out quite a lot to others of my colleague too. This senior of mine before, he looks fresh and more energetic than last time when he still with my company. No wonder la...he said his new company less work and less stress, may be is because small organisation. Company culture also very relax, 5 days work, from 9am-5.30pm but start work at 10am after yam cha and loafing, sometime lunch more than 1 hour! good is that...sooo envy..haha..hai...all my colleague include me really working die die until so 'chan' in Synovate. He even get a shock when he know that we still the same handle that much of project.

Is my turn to go for ECS - Employee satisfaction survey today. Questions all ask about your work, organisation relationship to you, employer and employee relationship..etc.. . Well..almost statements I gave a below average rating compared with last year. Half an hour complete 31 questions include 2 own comment question.

Know that the company annual dinner theme going to be mad headed night (things to do about head-gear). My suggested theme not being selected :( well is ok lorr...still something fresh to do.