Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Age That I Wish My Child Will Stay To Be!

I have done an age tag few months back. After this tag have been passing around for sometimes, Mummy-In-Vain decided to modified it abit. Now, lets talk about - The Age That I Wish My Child Will Stay To Be...

My boy is not too big yet, only 18 months old now. I take care of him all these days since he born. I can't particularly choose which age that I like as he only 1 year old+. If were to ask on which days of these 550 days I like him to stay, it got to be during 4-6 months old.

It is still so nice to cuddle, so loveable to be kiss (not like now push me away or run away when I want to kiss), no naughty did and not drive me up to anywhere yet. Just let me handle him whichever way. Although a few months old baby still not able to express themselve, but I just like my boy at this age on his baby look, baby cooing, smile, giggling and etc.

What about you?

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slavemom said...

And during that period, they're not that fragile anymore, rite? Thx for the tag.. will do it soon.