Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clean your snow white keyboard

If you are using a white or cream colour keyboard, how you clean them if its dirty? Those black stain sticking around each key and for sure you are not comfortable typing on it...use detergent, soup water? Last time I used wet cloth and soup water to clean, but the stain can't fully remove away. I also afraid if I put too wet to wipe, the water goes into the keyboard and may spoil it.

Many years ago ( it too late to share), I know it from Mdm Kwan (my church member) she taught me to use toothpaste to clean it. Yes, it is toothpaste. It works wonder and the stain completely removed! Since then, I used that to clean my keyboard and there is no worried that water goes down at the keyboard. No soapy feel that you need to rub a few times with clean water. You can use it to clean any plastic surface like your mouse, monitor, speaker, laptop and etc...Remember only the plastic area.

I don't have a white keyboard to show you the effect. Here, I did an experiment on cleaning the dirty spray cap coated with cooking oil stain.

Dirty cap
Wet cloth with a lil toothpaste and rub
Very clean with toothpaste smell

Go try ya, toothpaste can be your wonder detergent too.


everydayhealy said...

Thanks for sharing. According to your example, it's definitely fantastic! There is a great tips for ladies about toothpaste too. It's in here.

If you have time just have a look.

Anyway, you've got tag.

jazzmint said...

hehe try it on your water tap or those brass perfectly fine!!

Trinity said...

Judy, this is great tips.. really informative and useful.. thanks for sharing, I will try it to my keyboard :-)

Judy, I know you still have a tag from me, you can forget it dear.. but since your name start with J, I have no choice but to tag you again.. LOL... sorry if I make you busy.. I see that everydayhealy also tagged you. :-)

Here's from me

JO-N said...

This is new to me. Thanks for sharing.

slavemom said...

Even works on oily stains huh? Must try must try.

sting said...

thx for the tips :-) heard of it but haven't tried before, instead had used toothpaste for burns..

Sammi said...

Hm...tahnks for the little tips.

Malaika's mummy said...

Thanks for sharing. BTW, you have been tagged:

Just realised that you have quite a no of tags waiting for you,hope you have the time to do mine.