Thursday, November 01, 2007

Does Google PR really matter?

As many of us aware, our blog PR is being revised by Google. Many of my blogger friends, especially those doing paid posts very hard are getting a demoted PR. My humble blog also in the same shoe, from PR 3 drop to 2 now. If I'm not doing paid post, I don't really care what this PR got to do to me. But the fact is that all paid post company are very much looking at our blog PR on what offer to give us.

With the PR demoted my paid post offers also getting a bit lesser. PR ranking guideline is getting more strict now. We also don't know what algorithm they used to measure our blog quality. Can they be changing every time? hard to predict also. Last time many of us do tags and place blogroll in order to get more back link and believe that it did helps to increase PR. The latest PR update tell us that, seems they not check on how many back links we have.

I think our blog quality and reader's visits is still the important fact to look at all times. A blog in well balanced of paid post and own post is very important. Looks like I need to work more harder on writing more own post instead of what you see now, loaded with full of paid posts. In my own domain I will work out more quality post there to build a PR rank place before start doing any paid post.

So sorry to my reader I know you have not been reading any of my own post this week. Let me clear off the pending posts first and I will have my own write up soon.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Judy, obviously backlink doesnt work anymore. weird really this time.

Trinity said...

Judy, I feel exactly the same.. page rank is matter for me to write paid post! :-) I think PR2 is better than PR3, do you think so? That means you are on the second page when we google something.. it is not drop to is up! Tell me if I am wrong.. hm.. I should check it again..