Friday, November 02, 2007

LeSportsac handbag from eBay

Another piece of item I bid from eBay and also a rewarding time I have for myself. This is Classic Marina Hobo handbag from LeSportsac. I have admire this brand of bags in Isetan since few years ago. Because of the price is expensive I didn't buy it there although I like it very much. Today with my earning, I afford to get one finally.

My last MNG handbag have last for 3 years, which I have used it for day and night, work and leisure. So I don't think is too excessive to have a new good handbag ya? This bag is not too big and not too small. Consist of 4 compartments with an extra cosmetic bag. 2 side zipper and main zipper with an inner zip pocket. Bag strip can be adjust to make a sling bag too.

It is just nice to be carry around when shopping and can fit some of my boy things too like bottles, hanky and diaper. My old handbag will looks tight and full if got to fit that in and with my purse and handphone all in. This bag still have a bit space for dropping in other small things. Seems like I can't have any smaller handbag and ladylike handbag to go out now.

It is more easier as Terry grow, I no longer lung my big diaper bag to go shopping with me. Just make sure he eats full, place the diaper bag in car and I can go out with a few things in my handbag.


cbenc12 said...

wah, thats a nice bag. how much u bid for it?
i like bigger bag too coz i can dump a lot of stuffs inside.. umbrella, water bottle, books..

sting said...

colourful & attractive bag you've got :-)

slavemom said...

With a toddler in tow, small bags r not so practical anymore.