Wednesday, November 21, 2007

17 months old

Check, check, check! Yesterday is my boy's 1.5 years old and now I'm just updating his 17th month progress *slap head* what am I doing since last update. I'm not forgetting it. Just slow down in everything lately, sorry my dear baby.

Here are some of his growing during 17 months old. That's lot of changes.

Weight: 12kg
Height: 83cm
Teeth: up 6, down 8

  • At 17 months and 2 weeks old, he officially walk unsupported.

  • He takes more than 1.5 months time to learn from standing unsupported till walking. Now he can walk everywhere. But once he fall from walking, he couldn't stand up unsupported yet from the point. He will crawl to the wall or table/chairs and hold to get up then continue again.
  • Walk with both hands up and very shaking.
  • Like to hold on his push car and walk together.
  • Can go up and down the push car by himself very well.
  • When he wants us to carry out from playpen or bed he will pull my both hands put under his arm.
  • Not using bath basin to bath anymore. Took shower by sitting on a small stool since before he able to walk. I just hold the shower head and spray. More fast and save water.
  • Can twist his both hands saying for no more or finish. Sometimes still use his old hand sign which is open and close palm.
  • Action he knows when we ask for - sneeze (a-cheow), ssshhh (ssshhh with index finger put in front of mouth), pat to sleep (pat his back).
  • Push away the chairs placed under the table, tip the toe and grab whatever he can reach on the table, especially food.
  • Able to chew more foods now like cake, biscuit, rice and bread. Think he almost ready to take rice like us.
  • Since he started to walk, I insist to make him poo in potty once in the morning. So far he not making any big fuss when put on potty. I afraid that if I'm not do so everyday to make it a habit, once he can walk really well, he will stand and walk away from potty. I just place him around the kitchen while I'm preparing porridge. When I'm done my kitchen stuff, he will done his business too. Without need to sit in front, wait him to poo and "ng-ng" at him now. At times during the daytime, he still poo in diapers. He doesn't know how to tell yet.
  • Can sleep throught the night without any wake now, not even slightly cry for water.
Emotions & Characters
  • Will try to bite if against him. Like he don't want me to carry and he bite my shoulder. So far only twice kena bite.
  • Will go real cry and fake cry for hard now. Very easy to get him crying whenever demand can't be fulfill. He will just cry non-stop until you give in.
  • Night sleep time is getting late and late after he can walk. Whenever he not ready to sleep and being put in baby cot he will cry out very hard to come down for a walk. Once he walks he smile again. The sleeping time now is 12am.
  • Will stay around the place where I am. He won't go bedroom if I'm in the kitchen. Just follow me in and out.
Language & Speech
  • His favorite baby language - "tik-ko" and "buu-bak" (the later one since before 12 months old).
  • Can pronounce "Sit" accurately. Bird as "bak". Park as "Pahk". Others not much. Call out Mama a lot, but not when I ask for it.
  • When he babbling, he will ends his word with a "huh". For example like we saying "what you want to eat today huh?"


  • Still eating porridge, 2 times a day.
  • Milk 3 times a day. 6-7 oz each or less depends what time he eat porridge between the milk time.
  • Snack - baby bites, fruits and yogurt.
  • Drink less water now. Only drink like cow after having milk. For other times only suck a mouth if he likes, but push away most of the time.

  • Open and close drawer, take things out, mess it and look see then put back, but not all. Then I will instruct him to put back and he will do that.
  • Push TV and audio on and off button. I got to off main suits whenever he is out from playpen. Also put up high the remote controller.
  • Pen and paper to sketch.
  • When I sleep on the floor, likes to step or squat on me. Sometimes just fall hard between my leg and lie on my chest. Sometimes tend to crawl to my face also, but I pull him down.
  • Like to ajak small kids to play run run with him and can mix in with kids now.
  • Try to show him some flash cards and read him the object name. He can listen to you for few minutes. The next he wants to hold the card and mess with it.
  • Once he watch something fierce, sound shouting in horror or dark, he will cry in frighten and loud. He don't like the cartoon "The Adventures of Little Brown Bear" (pic below currently a very short 6 mins interim cartoon) , he will just cry before the bear appears. Right from the trailer before the cartoon starts, he know that is the cartoon he scared of then his voice started to change. I got to quickly switch off the TV to avoid he get frighten every time.


  • Wear XL size diapers.


Sasha said...

Eh So Hensem yr son. Our sons ah...looking more and more like big Boy. No more the baby face *sob So*

Sean said...

you really keep track on everything about your son~! You so coOL!

Amidrin said...

Wow... Terry really growing up fast. Nice scrapbook you made. You are such a considerate mummy. Even think a head of potty train him before he became expert in walking and running away... haha..

Trinity said...
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Trinity said...

Judy, you are sooo amazing!! I am impressed! Track on every detail of your son's growth need patient! Salute to you...

your sons are blessed by having a mom like you.

Baby Darren said...

wah..he is always so good and obedient boy..amazed he can sit on potty so long...

if darren got half of his good behaviour, I more than happy already.....hehe...

huisia said...

Happy 17 months old!

sting said...

wow! I like the way you monitor his progress! awesome.. wished I was a bit more like you :-)

karenyiau said...

Wow it's really detail you record down Terry's progress. Well done!

Btw, you should start him on rice already loh. :)