Friday, November 02, 2007

9 foods eat too much could be killing us!

A knowledge for everyone. Just careful when consuming the following foods. Try not to over eat too much of it and cause dangerous to our live.

Preserved egg: When manufacturer preserved eggs, often increases the quota, if we eat frequently, can cause of poisoning. At the same time, calcareous could drain in the body.

Strong-smelling fermented beancurd (臭豆腐): The strong-smelling fermented beancurd in the fermentative process, extremely easily by the microbial contamination, simultaneously can volatilize the massive salt base nitrogen.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): Each person absorbs the quantity every day to
the monosodium glutamate, take does not surpass six male grams as the principle, eat much is harmful and unhealthy.

Spinach: The spinach nutrition is rich, but because includes the oxalic acid, sends in food the precious element zinc and the calcium union, but is discharged in vitro, but causes the human body zinc and calcium lacking. (Man lacks zinc, can be unable to gain ground cultivates the behavior, terror!) As well as hydrogen sulfide and so on; These all are the corrupt matter which the protein decomposes, is harmful to the human body.

Pig liver: Kilogram pig liver, it contains the cholesterol to reach as high as above 400 milligrams, but a person if absorbs the sterol, can cause the arteriosclerosis.

Barbecue: Because barbecue in smokes roasts in the process, can produce like "the benzene" and so on the deleterious substance, is induces the cancer the factor.

Pickles: The pickles if manufactures does not get the knack of, contains the carcinogen, and contains the nitric acid amine, can cause of sick with long time eats.

Cruller (油条): In the cruller potassium alum, is contains the aluminum the inorganic substance, may not frequently edible.

Steamed bun (馒头): Ate many has also been able to support the deceased person to drop, ha ha ha ha!


Sean said...

I tot steam bun is healthy...
But I don't consume most the listed foods... kkek

Blur Angel said...

hi! good to know that too much spinach is bad! also mum once said spinach doesn't go along with tofu, have you heard of that?

Mummy to QiQi said...

hehe...Judy, i also tot spinach is good. Din use MSG at home, instead i use some sugar as replacement...

Lemonjude said...

sean: I first tot the same too..unbelievable..

blur angel: Yes I heard of that too..that combination is bad..

mummy to qiqi: Spinach is good in building our blood, but don't over consume. MSG is so long to be know it is not a good thing..