Friday, November 02, 2007

Uncomfortable jap

Terry just had his Booster Triple & Polio &HIB jap. This jap stated in the immunization card should be taken between 18-24 months. But since paed have make a early schedule on that, his nurse called me up to bring him over for the jap. So I did. As usual, Terry lie on my lap and paed will place a dancing and singing doggy in front of him. There goes the jap done without any tiny bit of cry.

After the jap, first day nothing. The next day he being a bit cranky. Seems feel like not comfortable everywhere and cry a lot too without any reason. At night, I feel that his body temperature is a bit high, so just pop in 3ml Paracetamol and he goes sleep soundly at night. The next day wake up temperature ok already, but still like to cry throughout the day. I try to calm him down by carry him, play and watch TV with him. These 2 days he is getting hard to go on day nap too.

Now he don't like to drink water like last time. He will push away and turn his face away if he don't want. By forced, he will suck 3 to 4 mouth and leave up. Will try to make him to drink more water and I'm thinking to boil some 七星茶 (tea) to calm down the hot inside his body (maybe).


slavemom said...

Terry's such a good boy. Din cry when getting a jab. CE will cry his lungs out, even after everything's done. Hope his fever has subsided by now. I've nvr tried the tea b4 but I usually boil some 'sang suk yee mai' (barley) for them when they're a bit heaty.

JO-N said...

How is Terry now? Japs always make kids uncomfortable.

Lemonjude said...

slavemom: Barley also can calm down heat. Sometime I boil that too.

Jo-N: My boy is ok now.