Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wish list - Olympus Digital Camera

Few weeks back, I have been so wanted to get a new digital camera aside for blogging needs and also to capture all my boy's growing moments. You will know why I need that so much. Since after having Terry I have been snapping lots of his photo using Panasonic Lumix. You know capture a photo of an active baby is not easy. You don't expect to take one and get a good shoot. You need to continue to snap on for up to 10 above only can get 1 clear and nice without moving motion.

Sometime I used the Sony CyberShot (old one) to do, it is slightly better than Lumix when used to capture moving object. This camera is only 1.3 mega pixel, for normal shoot, the picture is good enough, sharp and clear. Thats what Sony is good at its lens. We used that during our dating time back in 2002. This camera one thing not good is the battery goes flat very very fast. 2 new AA battery only can last you to take about 20 pictures without using flash and self-timer. We only switch to Lumix later because of that.

Hubby using Konica Minolta 2 years ago. A bulky digital camera which I most seldom used. It has the image stabilization technology, but I don't find the image color is nice and sharp when viewing. With these 3 cameras at home, when going out (not all time), I still prefer using Lumix as it is small and battery last longer. But none of these can satisfied my photo capture needs.
So now, my main concern is to get a camera can capture good moving object, battery usage last longer and camera size slim and light. I always wanted a camera to carry along in my bag. After comparing Sony Cybershot, Canon IXUS and Olympus on spec and price, I found Olympus µ 790 SW is the best. Having extra features of shock proof, water proof and weather proof which others don't have. It is the latest stylish digital camera. Basically it covered my needs and it is 7.1 mega pixels, 3x optical zoom and using lithium chargeable battery.

I have survey around the camera price and test used it. Wow, I like it very much - handy and light and perfectly fit in my handbag. Thats what I'm looking for. For the price, RM1199 is the manufacturer price. First, I check at MyKamera.com they sell RM799 with 1GD SD card free which is so unbelievable cheap. Although the price so attractively cheap but I don't go for the first find out. Later I check from Fotokem RM1150 with 2GB SD card free. Also found offer RM1160 with 2 GB card free. The 2 later one are more reasonable which is close to original price. The cheaper one might getting some imitation (I don't know, may be). I will go for more shop to check out before buying it. Hopefully can go Sungai Wang for around to find out. The price is still a lil' expensive to me. But really want to get it as soon as possible.

This is the most expensive gadget that I never spend on before.


Sasha said...

wah wah buy edi must show ah

ilovepearly said...

I need a new cam... :P

Jacelyn Chew said...

olympus brand is the best, with sharp colors and more features.
just like mine, i'm using model FE230 and it is slim and cheap. only RM799 with extra 1GB XD card.