Monday, November 12, 2007

Genting dinner trip

As mention earlier, we went Genting on Saturday evening. Hubby only manage to get home at 4pm. At 4.30pm we out of the house and head up to the hill. Supposed we took MRR2 route is the most fastest way to Genting, but since hubby know that is jam there, so we take Seremban highway. Who knows it is more terrible, we stuck there. It is totally couldn't move for half an hour. Since we are still at a point that can make alternative, I suggested hubby take the way out from Seri Kembangan, pass by Mines to go Cheras and exit to MRR2.

Finally we make it to skip all the massive jam. If you know something happen that day - the yellow power in action causes many main highway caught in a very very terrible jam. By the time we reached the peak is 7pm sharp. Since I already dress up, check in the room, drop our luggage then straightaway head to the meeting room for the dinner. First time I have table course dinner at First World hotel. So far so good, but the dishes fairly only. In the lucky draw, hubby manage to win RM500 cash prize out of 10 cash prizes only. What a good luck to start off before heading to Casino..hehe..

After dinner ends at 10pm+, we changed and head to the StarWorld casino and try some luck. There are live-band performing inside, quite relaxing to play there. We play small bet only on Money Wheel spin. Manage to win. After an hour there, we head back our room to rest. The night, so terrible, I couldn't sleep. First, the stupid toilet water flowing noise makes me couldn't sleep, no matter how hard to I closed my eye and try to sleep. Second, I hate the "new" (unfamiliar) bed feel. Third, I don't know why I got such ting-ge-ling feel (those la...), I start to play some church songs from my phone. But thats not help so much though. At about 4am, I only manage to sleep soundly.

Alarm wakes me up at 7.45am, after clean up then we breakfast at First World Café. Nothing so special, I just have a plate of nasi lemak and western breakfast (sausage, egg, ham and bake bean). After breakfast, StarWorld again. My favorite Money Wheel still not yet open early in the morning. Didn't play on the slot machines. It is not so good to play and winning is low. So we played some Pontoon (like Blackjack), manage to win also, then proceed to Genting de Casino after a short while. Hubby not play. I play the table game French Boule. I manage to win quite a lot from there. Later we left to check-out at 12pm. Before you back home, buffet lunch at First World too (included), not bad the food they served, variety and the cake are very delicious. So, it is just makan and casino there. A happy trip there.

I suffered from a very bad diarrhea at night. Not sure whether I eat too much or in many variety at 1 go in 2 days time or after having the dinner packed from outside as I eat very plain and light in normal days. I keep on visited the loo at least 10 times. Now feel much better after having 2 times pill "poh chai". I'm so tired today actually, but still pending paid posts to go and also tags.

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L'abeille said...

Get well soon Jude Jude.... and glad you enjoyed your money winning trip in genting hehe..

About the "tangling feeling"...Mmm... sounds interesting gege