Saturday, June 18, 2005

Today in History

Today’s in 25 years ago I came to this world….growing up with no wind and storm…today celebrate my 1st birthday in my married life….single to married many things have change and b different…

Today feeling of coz special…one year once..with family n frens wishes, my loving cousin sis count down for me in Luna Bar last night…

These are the SMS I have from them.…
Jason – 17/6 – 11.35pm (my secondarymate friend’s fiance)
Happy Birthday to you. From Jason and Bee Moon

Daddy – 18/6 – 7.41am
Blessed morning n brithday sing happy birthday to you x2
happy x2 birthday to you
wish you perfect life with love husband forever lord with you always

Chris – 18/6 – 7.48am (church sis)
Happy b’day to u
Happy b’day to u
Happy b’day to Judy
Happy b’day to u
May God be with u always, sprinkle His blessing over u. Have a great day ya.. ^.^

Siew Teng – 18/6 –10.35am (college buddy)
Is a text pic message = “BEEP..!BEEP..!, Just passing to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

Chan Li Li – 18/6 – 12.15pm (ex-colleague)
Hey judy, happy birthday to u! may all ur wishes come true.

Amilia Chin – 18/6 – 12.22pm (a friend who currently in Penang)
Hi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How r u? hope u have an enjoyable day & happy always

Since last night my cousin sis with 3 friends together wit Brandon, they wishes me at 12am sharp with glass of Vodka cheers..thanks to my lovely cousin sis - Evan, who organise it…even she busy aft work and also today she not able to make it for me…she still make it for me...thank you dear…Luna bar at Pan Global Level 33, first time been there, wit great KL view from top, facing a swimming pool…relaxing environment, KLCC view….to me is a good place oso…as Brandon discribe it is a vy healthy place to hang out….

U see, when we r seeing each other everyday we seems tend not to care more or ask more….when dun c each other everyday the feeling of missing is very strong and by the time u will think of them everyday…yeah definitely very true...i missing my dad n mum n brother everyday….why today I would like to carry out this is when this morning I received a sweet n touching birthday wishes from my dad….although is just a simple like I already own all of it…my mum also call to wish me “Happy Birthday”…u know last time when we are at home..we dun speak it out….c the different is there…today I feel very happy…

Every year birthday not only celebration, but I will always recall what I hav did over the year from last birthday till today…many many memories brought back….of coz every year before blowing the candle the whispered hope and wish also different, but did they all come true, hhmm…I guess yes…yes..they were came true…(that’s why
‘may ur wish come true’ this simple phase did great things..yea?)

Will share with u all the happiness moment later….

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