Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

"Happy Father Day" to all dad in the world and also my dad-in-law and daddy. Both of our parent celebrate it together in a Chinese restaurant during lunch time yesterday. Both of us give father a small gift. 10 of us, we spend 2 hours eating there. It is so nice that have everyone there, looking at them happily chatted.

3 weeks I didn’t saw my dad already, coz during the time I back home he was not there, today saw him looks older a bit liow…Pa! stay more healthy and strong for the coming year, as I still got many things in my life wan to share with you…I’m sure you can make it yea…I wan you to look more younger than today…hehe..a bit high expectation…currently my dad still working, he is a taxi driver for almost 20 years attached to a radio taxi company…age 59 this year..everyday he start work early in the morning at 5.30am and finish work in the evening. Now he work more relax, not like last time when we r kid he need to strive for more income to survive the family. Now we all are grown up and can feed ourselves, he slow down a lot. For the past years I working outside, he fetch me everyday aft work no matter sunny or rainy days. He never turn us down, he support whatever we do and he working very hard for my year study in college. Once I need anything he will try to look for me..without worries he will make it for me…Dad you are great, you are fantastic!

He is a humorous dad, likes to joke wit us, u can’t find a single strict face on him, he likes to make everyone around him laugh and happy. That’s why whenever his friend got problem he will try to offer his help if he can. Sometime he tells us story of his daily customer and those funny funny customer he pick…even got once a customer compliment him thru The Star paper for his good did…he likes to make fren with his regular customer. He is a non-smoker, loves planting, drawing, singing and eating.

Every dad scarifies a lot for his children, as the same to mum. Dad always who are the one humble and do not like to show off his feeling and he do things quietly behind just for the sake of everyone at home is not hungry and sheltered. That is Daddy.

Dad, I’m proud to be ur daughter and thank god that He send me His guardian angel. I don’t know how to repay u for all the loves and cares, do hope that for the coming year, I’ll love you more and more….and let all the good memories store in you for the years coming….

my dad in white (taken during farewell dinner with Rev. Ang)

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