Friday, June 17, 2005

Messages issue

Yesterday, Maxis network really got problem, a fren SMS me in the morning…happen that when I wan to reply her it says “Sending Failed”..aft I try send a few times…so I thought I wan to send the reply again later….before i wan to reply again..the same message already comes in for 3 times…so I try to reply again, still can’t at that moment…so I called up my fren to talk about it….aft that exactly the same message subsequently coming in aft 1 hour or half an hour for the whole day…roughly total I think got more than 10 same messages i received….hhmm..

Today received 2 new voice mails…as usual I will call n check the message…this time is a guy I really dunno who is him..not leaving down his name…from his voice I can’t really recognize….may b someone I know, or may b someone call a wrong number…both messages are in cantonese…1st message…he said: “call go into ringtone mode and go in voice mail…” 2nd message :“again ringtone and go in voice mail…TIEW NIA SING” then he hang up...…wah lau eh…who are you, what the heck you wan to scold that word out like that!!… this ppl so kurang ajar..…whats wrong with my ringtone or get into voice mail? I think he do not know got caller ringtone this stuff!!! Pls dun let me hav a chance to find out who u r!


Yesterday the travel agency call up Brandon, and telling us that our departure date and time u see..again my impression drop...since I know they sure have something coming up now and also later along the tour registered that time our departure date is 26th morning, now change to 27th night whereby the flight is in midnight...Brandon did scolded her a while..why the company change it and inform us at this time, as we already applied leaves and booked the taxi...she said just need to ok one..she kept on apologies to him...u come nowadays day ppl doing business the attitude is like that one...things without promise and comfirm then giving it to make us so trouble..

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