Saturday, June 25, 2005

New photo album added

Well, not consider new la...just that I've took ages to upload those photos and share it with all of slow coz i use dial up connection to do the uploading, no streamyx for do it a few in a day...finally part of it ready to share

Here you go my wedding day photos....those u see not the full set yet, I may upload more from time to time...both side wedding dinner, as well as my bachelorette night and the ROM day...soon later my honeymoon pics which starts next week...

So, tonight aft work, last round to do some shopping, coz Brandon still haven't get his stuff ready yet...later have to do some cleaning, wash clothes and pack up things..aahh..probably will be a tiring night...tomolo morning hav to back to church...

ok dude, enjoy reading the photos ya...and have a great weekend....might back to blog again if got time, else c u next month...take care.

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