Thursday, June 23, 2005 did it again!

Yesterday night, while watching TV aft dinner at FIL place, it suddenly blackout for 2 seconds, then electric recover. After that we decided to go, Brandon went SPK fitness aft he dropped me at KLCC to do shopping. Once I get into the KLCC entrance, come so many ppl standing outside the entrance and shops are all closed? That time was only 7.45pm, shops entrance are blocked.. only corridor have lights are on, then only I blackout for the building…my goodness hotspot also kena blackout incident…why TNB did again?…many ppl are waiting and lofting outside…so I just walk around and stand here n there, waiting for the electricity recover. After half an hour waiting, partially shops electricity recovered, so they re-open their doors for business again, then I still waiting for Isetan to re-open. Yesterday was Isetan seasons end sales, start from 22nd – 30th June. I faster get in to buy some stuff for travel, a sling bag, MNG shirts (up to 50%-70% sales ya!), undiess, belt and also renew IMC card. While blackout, ppl who look aft their shop entrance are busy explaining to their customer for the incident.

While wondering around during blackout I heard a lot of tourist and also local ppl complain about the incident. My first impression was how come no backup generator and make it cause whole world stop? hhmm…TNB need to review what they are doing…not once but many times…are they doing their work?? Dunno….

This morning open up paper read the special edition about KL big blackout, it cause by one of the electric generator/ transmission house burn and blackout at Bkt. Bintang area. Many shoplots at that area are closed early and lost business as that incident happen is peak hour at night…it takes 2 hours to recover…this incident cause TNB lost of 500 million, well what about others??

While driving back from KL partial highway also blackout, and at MRR2 near to Sri Petaling, we saw ur side like blackout also, and we thought that tonite we need to sleep without fan tonight…eei..who knows we not kena…ohh…good..sweet dream…

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