Friday, January 11, 2008

Shopping first time of the year

Yesterday is public holiday, but hubby is working. I was plan to go shopping for myself for coming trip. Noon time after feed full my boy, took a cab brought him over to my mum, then went to Mid Valley alone. Shop there for 4 hours and spend nearly RM500.

Feel like kinda long not shop for myself. I bought a nice dinner bag, a sweater, jeans, dinner shoe and bras...these are the things have pretty worn out and old in my closet. As usual, MV lots of ppl, most I can see is the crowd shop for the coming CNY. Time wait to pay and fitting is very waste of time. Long queue.

The most headache thing from the items I bought is when shop for shoe. I walk in to all shoe shop in order the find the best and the one I like. From Jusco shoe department to Vincci, Vincci+, Vad&Vid, Primavera, Pretty Fit, Sachs, Nose, Esarli, Voir. None from there I like. Only manage to get something I want from Nose. It is a golden colour heel but that pair is last pair of size 5 and the display one already got scratched. So reluctant to buy, I even back there to try 2 times to get myself satisfied on it before I bought something I'm not really want.

Before my shopping day ends, I suddenly saw CarloRino bag shop having some shoes display, went in and have a quick look. Though the shoe is quite pricey, but I can see the quality worth for the price. So, I finally got a gold shoe from there. It fitted nice on me compare to the Nose one. I tell myself if can't get anything, I'll wear the old shoe to dinner tomorrow that not really suit my dress.
Shoe from CarloRino RM79.90

Dinner bag from MNG. RM89 mark down from RM129. It can be hand held or shoulder carry.


L'abeille said...

Wah wah wah! Nice shoe wor. You're gonna be a hot mama at the dinner reception tomorrow lor hehe

Hazel said...

seem u buy a lot that day, i love shopping also..

Amidrin said...

Happy to see you have enjoyed yourself shopping. Since it's a once a while thing, surely it's a nice feeling of freedom for you.

Annie Q said...

four hours shopping alone! So njoy!Sure got a lot "sau wok" lei.

slavemom said...

Long time din wear such high heels edi. Sure walk funny if I wear them. LOL

Lap-Band Surgery said...

I love the shoes..So elegant!