Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Attending a great wedding dinner ever!

It was my primary sch classmate Josephine&Charles wedding dinner at Tropicana Golf club and resort - Ballroom I & II. I went there with my another classmate. Having my mum to take care my boy and over night at there too, since hubby don't know the place well and he not able to send me there. There was a lot of dinner guests around, as there are 3 wedding banquets are happening there.

This pair of couple having so much crazy things to do before and after. It is just so blessed having many friends and church member in helping and cheering up this marriage. I will tell you more in later part. They went sign up a dancing course particularly to give a short waltz dance when the couple entering the dinner hall. For the wedding dinner, it was simply a dinner that I ever attend with so much different from the traditional way and well prepare with theme.

The wedding theme colour is light blue and other wedding dinner setting is almost using same design from their wedding website too. Starting from the wedding invitation card (lost in the way post to me), it is in blue and white. The dish menu wording is not using the restaurant one. It presents in the different way.

The little gifts for the guest. A yummy chocolate cupcake and a handphone chain pack in the fully handmade gift box. I really like this very much for the effort of the couple gave for the guests.
The cupcake

The gift box

The handphone chain

The table setting from the dish menu, menu holder, flower beats, rose pieces are all comes from the couple's own arrangement and using blue and white. Jolin walk in from the rear end of the dinner hall, while Charles was come down from the stage walk towards the center part of the hall. Both walking towards each other end, meeting at the center point and there they begin to have their dance. Thats the way they bring out the theme when love connects. Right after they seated. Dinner began. The MC of the night Mel and Jeremy are much speaking in a relaxing way to us.

Overall the dinner was very comfortable. Slide show were shown on their wedding photo, growing up moments, morning wedding march at church and ceremony, lastly the great part - the bachelor and hen's night wedding shower by their church cell group (CG) members. It was so hilarious and brave did. Of cause the couple is very sporting enough to attend the plan. Charles was being dress up with a bra and having a top with leopard print. Face makeup with lip stick, eyebrow liner and hairdo. Overall it looks gay or should say it almost turn into a woman. While Jolin, she being dress up like a doll, wearing a very pink panty hose, strips dress and heavy make up and hair-do with a big mole on her face. They both have to wear like that appear in the public. Where? The Curve!

They need to go dine-in in a restaurant. Next thing, blow a condom big like a balloon. Later of the day, Charles needs to sell roses and Jolin sells condom to the public or the patrons there. Before the mission called it a pass, the couple need to show Indian Dance near the fountain area outside The Curve. From the video I saw there were crowd surrounding them and watching them. It looks fun, but really need a big guts to do that.

This wedding idea is something fresh to me. It looks fun having so many special things happen and prepare for their wedding. Would like to see if the wedding website load up with more pics on the actual wedding day.

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