Thursday, January 24, 2008

Macau & Hong Kong trip (18/1-22/1)

A long waited self-arrange trip is finally over 2 days ago. It is fully an own discover trip from flight ticket, transport, accommodation, food and places to visit. I'm going to blog in details my finding and research on this trip. So, pls bear with me it is going to be long for each post. I will share each places we visit under each post later.

We have been booking the free seat with Air Asia from KL to Macau since April 2007. Since it is a free seat, we only pay RM510 (taxes) for 2 persons.
We fly to Macau on 18/1 at 3.35pm, flight no. AK 52. As I was said the flight time is not an ideal one. The first day is basically fly there to sleep (waste a day). The take off time has been delay for 10 minutes due to passengers having problem with boarding pass and luggage check-in. It was a 3 hours and 45 mins flight, glad that we can arrived Macau airport 15 minutes earlier as schedule. Throughout the flight, I couldn't sleep much, so bought some snacks and watch cloud.


About to reach Macau airport, the famous and newly open The Venetian Macau first to greet us. It can be seen clearly above the sky. It is a very very big and luxury hotel. Also known as the Little Las Vegas. I will talk about it later, as I only visit this hotel the night before we back.

After getting our luggage quickly we went outside the arrival hall take a bus AP1 to Hong Kong-Macau ferry terminal. Realized we need small coins to pay bus fare, so hubby quickly ran inside to airport again and get change for notes. The bus fare is MOP$3.3 per person with luggage each charge for MOP$3.

Bus route passing by Venetian and other big big hotels and some other under construction hotels. Right after crossing the Macau-Taipa bridge, we reach the ferry terminal. Went to 2nd floor ticket counter and bought ticket from New World First Ferry counter going to Kowloon (CFT), which arrive at China Ferry Terminal - 中港城 in Tsim Sha Tsui. Ferry fare for night sailing is MOP$175 per person include tax.

Broad on ferry at 8.30pm, sitting at front row, 1 hour sailing time to Hong Kong. After filling up the HK arrival slip. I started to feel dizzy and not wanted to talk. The wave is strong while sailing and causing the ferry to go up and down. I began to hold on the vomit bag and vomit like mad, I can feel my hand and feet is numb and cold too. It is terrible than pregnant nausea. After 4-5 rounds vomit, we reach terminal. The weather is around 14°C. I just having an extra sweater outside, very cold. With strong wind blow, I even shivering while walking towards the custom after a bad vomit.

We called the budget hotel manager Mr. Chan at China Hong Kong City Mall (中港城) and he lead us back to the hotel. 10 minutes walking from the mall crossing lots of shop, mall, roads and people. I started to get the feel of packing and squeezing. Thats the special of Hong Kong, small places with lots of things.

We stay at Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan Road, Mirador Mansion - Man Hing Lung Hotel. The building just next to the the Tsim Sha Tsui MRT station at Exit D2. A budget stay in town area which convenient for shopping, food and transport. HKD250 per night for 2 person (twin sharing or double bed) with HKD20 refundable key deposit. We pay cash as he will charge 2.5 for card transaction. Also, he is selling Disneyland ticket and Hong Kong Ocean Park ticket with lower rate.

Corridor view towards room



This is the toilet inside the room. It is very small, just right to fit in those toilet stuff and the space you stand are not allow you to twist and turn around. In the room, bed size a bit smaller than queen size bed, 2 feet walk way, small TV, a shaking chair will roller and a small table for a person use. We need to place one of our luggage on the bed end. So it is very small. I don't mind, just for sleep and shower. Save to shop more.

Dilly-delly, it is 11.30pm. Here, is my late supper.
Mc.D Prosperity burger set HKD 38.50

It is really bad, my mobile keypad for the side with 3,6,9 and # is jam after I send sms-ed back home. I force to off it and try to repair myself. It couldn't on anymore after that as my PIN no. is having a number 6. Actually it is already half spoil a month ago, but I'm not expect that it totally block me from using it while I'm there. Before my phone goes ku-ku, calling from my mobile is bar, although it connect to the network. Only able to send SMS. That's all for day 1.

Post continue with places I visit: The Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland and Macau.


huisia said...

really a terrible sea sick you had

jazzmint said...

wow..that is super small and super exp :|

L'abeille said...

I will also get sea sick .. that's why I usually bring along my air/seasick band..

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos..

Pleasant Holiday Vacations said...

i would like to go to Macau some time.

slavemom said...

Free flight tickets n budget hotel - save a lot for shopping hor. But actually the hotel not vy "budget" leh. Guess hotels r vy exp in HK.

FL Sam said...

You are very adventurous to plan all the trip on your own. But it is best you travel free and easy. :)

Lemonjude said...

huisia: Never experience such before.

jazzmint: That consider the cheapest. It shows the country having high living standard expenses.

l'abeille: It is all coming up.

slavemom: It is extremely expensive to stay longer in HK.

Lemonjude said...

fl sam: It actually makes me to learn more too..but really a lot of homework and research to do.

Annie Q said...

The McD packing look so nice! with the rat packing.