Wednesday, January 16, 2008

18th and 19th months old

Weight: 12.04kg (as at 6/1/2008)
Height: 85cm

I really need to note this down now before I really forget what happen to my boy development at this age. He grows a lot, the way he understand more things and started to recognize more things. He still babbling a lot in his own language, but these day he slowly pick up words that he able to say out. His walking skill is getting better each day, walk in fast and can follow you next to your feet.

  • Started to walk with both hand down or rather put at the height at waist line at 18 m.o.
  • Walk in fast, no run yet. When fall or sit on the floor, he still crawl to the nearest point to support him to get up.
  • Those place with a step up or down, he still our support to help him to go for it, else he will stop there and not dare to go forward.
  • Can climb up and down the sofa very well. Intend to go up TV cabinet too, once I shout he quickly stop.
  • Likes to go out. Once you hold the keys, he will quickly stand in front of the door and wait. Sometimes sit at the place of where we placed his shoe and wait us to put it on.
  • Po-po can hold his hand to walk. But not his daddy and mummy.
  • Can walk a bit longer, but once he tired he will show up his both hands wants us to carry.
  • Try hard to reach the door knob by pointing up his feet.
  • Things he saw us to do few times, he able to do by himself. Like I bring potty to the kitchen every morning. Now after morning feed, when ask to bring, he will bring it out and put in the correct place.
  • Taught him to do the hand sign "Gong Xi, Gong Xi" (CNY coming la...), he pick up that in 2 days time.
Emotions & Characters
  • Want to have toys while eating, else he will turn around and eat slowly or sometimes cry to have the toys till he gets it.
  • Sometimes keep long to hold the food in mouth and not swallow it.
  • Can sit long on the sofa with us when watching TV. By watching his favourite cartoon "Thomas and Friends" he can sit there for the good 30 minutes. Provided with us sit next to him, else in the middle he will goes off.
  • When get scold, (like he break something or spoil things) he not dare not to cry out loud, the tear is holding back in his eyes with this :(
  • When I look at him in fierce, he hold back what he do.
  • Point the things he wants and make noise until he gets it.
  • Whenever he sees those ppl that he not used to meet or long time no see, he will show his shyness by turn a side his face, cover his face with one hand and look through the person through his finger gap.

Language & Speech
  • Can pronounce more now.
  • Nothing can feel so contented when he call out "po-po" to my mum early of 19th months old.
  • Can repeat after me in full or partly.
    Pa-Pa = Daddy
    Ma-ma = Mummy
    Jie-jie = Sister
    Mei-mei = younger sis
    Po-po = Granny
    Be-be = Baby or human or bear
    Byeee (very long eee) = Good bye with hand sign
    Mou jor = no more, saying this a lot a lot. Sometimes can be "boh", "mou sai jor" or "mou". With hand sign twisting.
    Bek = Put back
    Ah-oo = Hello
    Mem = A-men (say prayer)
    Sit = Sit
    Pakh = Park
    Diu (in mandarin) = Throw
    Nern = Wait

  • Still on the same food and routine. For milk is having lesser now each time.
  • When he saw us eating, he wants to eat too. Now, he just stand next to you, not going off, one mouth after another and keep "mum-mum".
  • Drink less water, unless given honey drink, he will wallop the whole bottle.

  • Once things get into his hand, he will immediately check it out and see how to spoil it.
  • Like paper and pen a lot, he will scream cry if he saw me having paper starting to write or just holding a pen. I got to hide somewhere to write.
  • Like to throw rubbish (most of the time his own diaper) and bang the doors.
  • Always bring the key to the door and play like want to open the door. When ask to bring key to open door, he likes to help you that.
  • Play Lego set now, he will only know how to separate it after you build. Sometimes he pull and fix by himself. This toy can occupied him well than any other toys.
  • Big fans on Mickey Mouse Club House, Little Einstein, Thomas & Friend and Pocoyo only. Others cartoons not that like much. When those his favorite cartoon is on, immediately he know climb up to sofa, hug the big pillow and sit still.


Amidrin said...

Nice to see your baby boy development well. It's really happy and exiting to be a mummy ya. To be able to see them grow each and every step is priceless....

vickylow said...

Terry developing well. Nowadays kids are fast learner.

L'abeille said...

Diu=Throw? hehehe

karenyiau said...

Aiyo my boy 5 months older than Terry baru hit 11.6kg lately, haha.

Hope to catch up soon!

Lemonjude said...

amidrin: Thats the joy of being a mother, able to see them grow and learn.

vickylow: Yeah, I have the same thought too.

l'abeille: Teach them bad is very easy..hahaha...

karenyiau: As long as he is healthy weight doesn't matter.

slavemom said...

Terry is a tough boy hor.. will hold in his tears. CE is a cry baby. hahaha Same here.. I've to hide n write, otherwise he'll come snatch my pen/pencil.

Baby Darren said...

wow...a very detail updates on Terry's development. Good work, mommy! He is so good, can sit down and watch tv for 30 mins. Darren can never sit still, even when watching his favourites show.

Lemonjude said...

slavemom: I scold in high volume also he hold back...

baby darren: Try to note it as much as I can, we are just so forgetful nowadays. I'm still keep updating this post.