Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Patriotic me

Open up newspaper everyday, aside from MCA election which hav cover half of the daily news and now almost comes to the end, fuel price going to rise (again…) n other issues like accident, civilization problems n etc.. What makes me so happy to bring up the news I read lately were these – Change MyKad Win Prizes and also Mega Discount on Traffic Summonses.

I was thinking how come government so good…for change MyKad win prize, there will be a total of 80 prizes are up for grabs every month and every draw will schedule at end of the month of Sept, Oct and Nov. So meaning if u having MyKad u and I will automatically stand a chance to win, they will draw u by ur I/C no. Dunno whether I got a chance to get one of the prizes among Malaysian, very tiny hope..just let the luck take place…who knows…as so far in my life I’m not that lucky in this kind of draws...for nation normally this kind of lucky things will more go to the malays…I think many times they are very lucky, those big grand one always they got it.

See most of the time, we just complain n complain about the rules set by government…What a kind n generous of them, this time not rising the summon rate but got discount somemore, aft mega sales, now mega discount ha…so fren if u know u having “dried beef slice” pls get it settle, as this special discount are in conjunction with Independance Day only…for 2 weeks time only starting from Sept.1, all kind of traffic summon will get 50% discount…report saying there are 8 millions unsettled summonses, so faster go n check see whether u are in the ‘hall of fame’.

So happy abt it? hhmm..should b ok la…of coz the more the merrier…at least now we see something benefits to us ya…

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! “mat du ga” - whatever add/rise, “mei tit ga” - rice price drop (haha…lets hope..) whatever u call it…we should love our country, respect the government n the nation…later hope can get to see some firework at Bukit Jalil here, not went to any place to count down…just wan to get more rest…
National Day is the best time to show ur respect to the country, see this in New York..

At least 600 Malaysians took part in the first-ever Hari Kebangsaan float parade in Flushing, New York on Saturday that brought the normally busy Main Street to a standstill. Dressed in traditional costumes, they marched and waved the Jalur Gemilang in a parade down the two-mile route. The four floats that were decked with Malaysian flags had children and adults on board dancing and waving to the crowd. The catchy joget numbers had some passers-by dancing to the beat.

So lovely n warm in foreign country can feel the home culture n taste, I believe this is also a great chance to promote Malaysia to the eyes of the world....Can’t deny, in some area Malaysia still Boleh!

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