Monday, August 08, 2005

Shop till you drop

Last Saturday aft work went to KL convention center for the PC fair…in our mind thought that nothing much can buy to our computer, but we still keen to go and n hav a look…since this time in the new venue…

Park the car at KLCC, then we walk thru the Pedestrian tunnel which link to the CC. Heaps of crowd at KLCC and CC…need to walk quite a distance to reach the PC fair hall n go up n down a few escalator…as usual we go to the accessories booth…this time the PC fair is good, spacious, more booth n ventilation is good. Thought of not buying, but still having something to grab on, coz PC fair price is always that lower compare to outlet. This time we bought blank CDs, webcam, USB bluetooth adapter, LED light and USB hub. Everything cost less than RM200. The webcam is cartoon Sin Chan design one..very cute..RM50 only..

Realizing each time in PC fair the price is getting lower n lower. Imagine now RM999 can get a Compaq HP desktop. Computer things are become cheaper n cheaper…Many great deal on speaker and sound system, flat screen LCD monitor, read-write DVD-ROM, keyboard, optical mouse, etc..many others…wah..really feel wanted to get, so attractive, but have to wait first…can’t get all in one time…shop for almost 2 hours there then came out to KLCC have our dinner…wats more? shopping again la aft that…we as usual walk separately…he go on his own…coz go together normally we can’t get much things…so I walk a while at Isetan, then go to some other shops outside n Parkson…but seems not much discount in others…aft 2 hours wondering around, I’m back in empty hand, but Brandon bought 2 tops and 4 singlets all at Isetan…this man hav plenty shirts ok! 3 wardrobe in the room and he occupied 2 of it….>:] back home already 10.30pm…clean the house, wash the cloth. By the time went to bed already 1am, no time to watch TV. Tired..tired…

Sunday afternoon continue at Mid Valley….traffic jam and lots of ppl, shop for almost 2 hours alone..managed get 1 jeans and 1 sport pant…my budget for this shopping spree was RM 300, still can go somemore..hoho ;)

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