Sunday, August 14, 2005

My weekend

Since every Saturday is a working day to me, but i still feel very happy today, the biggest reason is because the haze goneee..haze pls go..go..go....never come back...Sumatera and the local goverment pls do something and do not try to tell lies to urself and all the citizens here...u too also sucking in the air. Hope aft today clear blue sky, clean fresh air will stay forever...not sure whether this time they going to take this seriously or not...hopefully next year do not see the haze again...

I went off in the afternoon, take LRT back to Bukit Jalil and then went to Carrefour...wat else...'marketing' again la, not plan to buy many as the meat always not as fresh as in the morning market. Bought chicken fillet for tonight spegahatti and also some packed ingredient for bak kut teh, soup and steam chicken. Went home without rest, start cleaning up the house and clear all the smelly clothes and towels. By the time aft clean n cook already 6.30pm. Feel a lil bit tired. Stay in front of the TV and computer before sleep.

This is a 'housewife' Saturday.

Morning wake up quite early as Brandon went to hiking while as usual i went to church. Today came a very special speaker, he is not a normal man, he is a man who have past his 17 years life on his wheelchair. In his young age he was an active athletes in 400m run. Lower part of his body hav paralyse, his hand is not able to move around much, and he also not able to sweat. Because of an accident, it took away all his living ability.

A great changes in his life, if the church pastor, bro and sis were not there to help at sunny or rainy days he were not took his courage to live till today. He shared a lot of his experience and he told us that everyday we should b feel thankful, no matter in good or bad. God do not promise sunny day, no pain n no sorrow, but thru it God guide us to hav faith in him and let us grow stronger. Today he no longer mind on how ppl look at him, God have fully recovered his broken heart n soul. God even gave him the ability to writes songs and now he hav successful came out the first album of his life, an album writes about the Lord great did to his life.

A wheelchair man can still praise and thankful to God everyday. Why not we should also be praising n thanking our God for we still living completely, coz we do not know how our days pass for the next 20, 30, 40 years..but I just know that to be faithful to God till end of the world and he will promise there are no pain, no tears n no sorrows.

Lately due to haze and now gone already, I have been done a lot of cooking that why i store some meaty in my fridge to b ready can cook at anytime..Sunday night dinner cook a lot, eat twice only can finish up the dishes, sometime 2 person very hard to cook also..hehe... Bee Moon visit me to check my wedding album again, as she was not satisfied with hers one, and also sending me her red bomb n also her wedding happy for her...

Thats was my day. Blessed…

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