Thursday, August 18, 2005


Last Sunday, I got this brochure from Jane about this 4 girls group will come to perform in this week. I was so eager to look forward this day. As u know yesterday was “Hungry Ghost” day, but nothing can stop me from attend it.

Brief intro about them – They are 4 girls in this group named “BLESSED”. Namely Sophie, Annie, Lily and Angela. Average age 20+, all of them are from different country but being brought together to form this group 5 years ago by a Taiwanese producer name Elvis Hsu in US when he have this vision from God. All of them studied there majoring in music, dance and performance in Uni. Till today they hav came out 2 albums. Heard the “Blessed”, kinda of holy yeah and yes they all are grow in Christian more than 10 years and having much experience to serve in church. 4 of them pretty girls, having a very nice voice. The music sharing nite brought out like a mini concert, got encore ending and album signing section. They sing all 10 new songs collected in their latest albums “By Heart”. They also shared about their own background and life experience with God. Besides that, they also showing us their VCR all the way in producing this album and they are how they blessed in making this album. Can see how God’s great work in between them. You might think that they sing like traditional church songs or hyms…no, no, none of that feel at all..this album bring out all about love and care of God, which can make u quiet ur heart and relax while listening. Nothing to sing on worshiping n praising God. Just that the contented meaning all comes from God loves. I love almost all of the songs…especially “The Power of Love” in English, which sing in Acapella style. All of them hav good voice. Even those popular entertainment program producer in Taiwan are invited them to join in they entertainment interview or game show.

If u noticed on Wednesday and yesterday they are being interview on air in MYFM and Ai FM (Radio 5). These 2 days heard the song and being played. Media promoted this album out to the public like those newly release album/songs, not only limited to the churches and believer, that will be more easier to accept by young ppl.

This album release in June this year and was hit in Taiwan and US. Next stop they will be in Singapore and more others Asia country and now they are in the midst of arranging the album going in to China market. Hope more ppl can get the good news.

"By Heart" album signature section

I went with my cousin sis and bro and other of their church members. I sat in the front row and enjoying the whole night great performance. Not forget to bring back 2 of their albums, “Your Love Feeds my Soul” and latest one “By Heart”. At the end of the concert, v all get signed on our album. Reach home at 11.20pm, Very happy :)

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