Monday, August 15, 2005

Stay awake at work

I think you and me sure will have some tired eyes or sleepy mood during office hours. Whats more today is Monday…monday blues again…this morning when u are still in the u have ask urself, can I hav 10 more minutes..5 more minutes?...But ur alarm clock always tells u hav to wake up…piggy :P

What makes me blog this today as I read an article from newspaper during lunch just now, and it might b helpful to the workacholics…

1. Be used to this attitude, reach the office 10 minutes earlier, blend ur own hot sugarless green tea, sniff in and taste a lil and let urself start of a brand new working day.

2. Always hav some mint or soothing throat sweets in your pouch, take one to moisture ur throat and it will helps to bring back all ur mind and soul.

3. Throw away the medical oil and changes to a baby purfume, use it as the fresh sweet smell will wake u up.

4. Try this, plug in a small fan into ur computer USB port, it allows more fresh air flow if ur surrounding the air flow is not good enough. (Preferable if it can spin out some refreshing smell). - dunno whether got sell here?

5. In the aircon room, water mist and moisture cream - a must have. Use the water mist to wake u up then moisture ur face with some cream. Remember that, feel pretty also another way to boost up ur work efficiency.

6. When u nearly going to “catch fishes”, stand up walk to the escalator or lift, go up and down for few times, professional hav proven that it simply can kill away ur sleepy mood.

7. Ur fav idol pic or some scenery that u longing for..choose any one to put as ur computer wallpaper. When u feel boring or frustrated, look at it, it might helps u to get out if it and feel good again…at least.

8. Facing problem in the mist of preparing some plans or work which u can’t get a solution yet, very irritating, do rest for a while. On ur MSN or Yahoo Messenger, find one or two fun loving fren go and chat for a while, relax and start ur work again.

9. Important client meeting which make u so tense. Dun get panic, go to the washroom, brush ur teeth and the tooth paste smell can let ur mind awake and ur smile will simply more confident.

10. Facing too long infront of computer n u might get dizzy now. Slowly get ur things on ur desk arrange it back nicely, slowly throw away the unwanted paper. While u clearing ur desk it also clearing ur mindset.

11. Extremely tired? Ready a bottle of lavender essence oil, a few drop of water n oil allows the smell flows in the air and deep breathing immediately, it make u more refreshing. Besides that, change to hav green tea instead of having coffee. The world trend now is drinking green tea as it helps in beauty and health very much. Those who loves green tea are great in reducing of bad temper.

12. Bring some snack food to share wit ur colleagues, dun forget girls friendship more or less is come from the food n chatting. Moreover, lots of the snack food can help to slow down aging and take away tiredness.

13. Work tired, hard feeling, do not rush back home. Perhaps go for Spa or foot reflexology, bringing in the essence smell and slowly let urself go into the quiet sleep mood, guarantee that tomorrow u will feel good at work.

14. Because of rushing a plan, 3 continuous days u having OT. Ur body, mind and soul may exhausted. Aft the plan over, take a sick leave and rest at home. Appropriate rest will bring more efficient in ur coming plan. I think ur boss will understand this well ya.

15. If u know tomolo u having a difficult case to handle, do sleep earlier in the nite before, second morning wake up early, well prepared ur presentation, u will feel that because u feel good, many things will go smooth and easy.

Hope the above helps u and me ;)


Li Li Chan said...

Thank you Judy for this wonderful piece of writing! It is infact very interesting piece of article. I would like to pen down my 10 cents worth of comments to certain points! Talking about Monday blues, it hit me 'ard every Monday without fail! Seriously I am not joking. So my day for the week will only begins after mid day upon taking lunch! Low in momentum during the morning, still having the 'hangover' feeling from weekend (too much of relaxation as in not putting your brain on work?) ....okie my comments:-

1.My coffee timing is normally on Monday and Tuesday morning. Taking green tea when I have lumptious/heavy breakfast. Over indulging with coffee is seriously not good for our health! I saw one of my uni mate hands were trembling due to too much coffee intake!

4. sure this work bo Judy dearie? Aiyo...putting such thing and fanning it...suspect it's not the smell that come out later it's the DUST...blocking our nose how? Recent haze also wanna kill me already!

5. For those who know me well, I don't like having moisturiser especially when you need to apply it on the hands instead! Cause I am very particular about my hands and my keyboards+my mouse. I cannot stand the 'oily' feeling left on the keyboards+mouse upon taking the hand moisturiser! I am a cleaning freak! But I like smelling other people putting on the cream lor. Nice to smell!

7. Ah I like this idea, I am currently into Korean dramas/ series a hell lot! Completed my run for Full House (any fans out there?), First Love of Royal Prince and My Love Patzzi! Judy, you would know well that your former office wallpaper by default only display company's logo. How to change lar. I am a bit afraid that others might think that I siao already putting up my idols picture! Come on Li Li, you are now 26 lar and not 16 lar! Usual comments from my brother! :-(

12. Strictly no snack food for me! Really lar, else I will be turned into the old biggie 'Cindrella' again! so I always admire those who can eat a lot but yet are not fat! How I wish I can be part of that as well leh!

Hopefully I am not offending you by posting this! I am just sharing my thoughts on this! Cause it work the other way for me leh! hahaha....different me!

Judy Chow said...

thanks for the sharing ur thought aft reading it..definately welcome a longer one :) yeah i think this is a useful tips to my working frens, that why share it out wit u all. it stress a lot on using the smells to wake us up..i personally hav try some of the way it shown and proven that it hav some were mine..all this happened during synovate time..
1. i always reach office damn least half an hour, i think this is very good, as u can more prepared urself to start of the day.
2. Always hav snacks or sweets in my drawer and it really work when u going it sleep
6. last time not try this out, now office at floor area, what i do is i walk to the toilet and wash my face :)
7. yeah having one scenery pic at my desktop, but i think ur synovate wallpaper already default la...i dun think u can change, unless everytime u start up ur computer u change urself.

8 & 10. try before, it helps :)