Thursday, September 01, 2005


At 12.00am sharp look outside from my bedroom window spotted 4 places light up with fireworks..although enjoy it from far but the firework and the event does boost the Merdeka count down celebration. Aft tat, bed-time..wake up the next morning 9am…can’t sleep too late as the body clock set to 6.30am.

Wake up clean the house then went out to have dimsum breakfast at Tmn. Connaught. As usual holiday everywhere is full of ppl. Met a fren there also having their dimsum..see the world is just small…went to Leisure Mall aft half an hour. Initially wan to go fitness and met up Brandon’s classmate. At the end, not going to fitness, coz spend too long listen to his to shared about a business plan…this fren of him very secret, in the phone he do not wan tell what kind of business he wanted to shared. Upon met up he and his teammate were along…main issue is not talking abt the plan yet, but is all about what is ur dream to achieve in ur life n chit-chatting…bla bla bla…then only we know they wan to introduce us Lampe Berger business…They do not told us directly what is the plan all about, bringing us to turn big round abt the dream, quite boring to listen to them for 2 hours..and Brandon at last can’t go for his Body Pump class.

To me, MLM business structure is not suit for us or long run, as my past experience in Omegatrend, I found myself really not into it…even I work very hard in it for a few months, of coz I understand if I really put in my whole effort to aim for it, sure one day I still can achieve what I wan. But my mind and heart told me that I’m not into it, I still prefer something more realistic, I dun wan to force myself. As Brandon said, imagine the whole world is master by MLM marketing, so whose going to be the end consumer and from where the money going to flow into ur structure?

Aft this section, outside was raining, so we went over to Cheras Plaza Neway to sing K. Just 2 of us sing for 3.5 hours non-stop until voice half gone…hahaha…then we went home..Cook some pork porridge to sooth the throat..that’s my holiday!

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Li Li Chan said...

Wow, Judy quite a nice and fruitful Merdeka holidays given the fact that mine was purely resting at home! Watched lots lots of Korean dramas. I am definitely hooked into watching the drama lar. Aiyo, due to the fact that I can only find the romantic elements in tv series and not real life!

As for your MLM experience, did you still remember recomending this to me? too at that time, sorry ar didn't really buy into this yet. And not for now as well. Have met up with a long time internet friend and he came up with the suggestion to invest in his "MLM" kinda programme. Needed to invest RM2,000 for start! Hello where on earth you wanted me to pay that hell lot of money? I think this guy better be joking! I always have the idea of work your up and nothing comes easily.