Monday, September 05, 2005

Carnival TV3

Last weekend quite busy coz FIL not around. This time he went to Taipei, Taiwan for holiday. Hopefully they can enjoy the trip in peace. Although Taipei was not the city storm by the “Taily” wind.

Karnival TV3 was at my area this round. Heaps of crowd visited and causes traffic jam and road block. Well…the situation was expected, nothing was so surprise and frustrated. It held at the carpark outside Bukit Jalil stadium. I took this opportunity to visit, just walk 5 mins across the road. Booths available are like Maxis Hotlink, P&G, Maggi, DutchLady, Dewan Bahasa, Zoo Negara, Naza Motor, Maybeline, Munchy’s, KFC n etc…Many lelong and good deal around, all other booths many sold malay foods and drinks and also live performances.

Sunday night before the carnival call it an end, fireworks again was lighted up the stadium, it was just popping up above my apartment, watching it for 15 mins..just love the firework sensation.

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