Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bali preparation

Tomolo we will be off to the beautiful Bali island. Since last week, Brandon have been busy digging out all the Bali info, place of interest and what to do..from Internet and some print info we got from my and easy with planning is good, so that no need to search during we are there, directly we follow the itenery which set, make sure we really spend the time valuably and can visit more places. Checking from the list we have, the place we stay have lots of restaurant, nightlife and bars, shopping spots and spa. Basically our plan have covered all these. The only thing we not have enough time is to visit more places. We only able to plan to go volcano, Canggu/Kuta beach, Ubud, Tanah Lots. There are many others more.

US n Rupiah rate hav been flactuate during the weekend. Rupiah is kinda hard to get in KL city and the rate was not really ideal. US rate drop a bit. Hav collect some mouth info from frens too about do n don't as Bali is a strong culture n religious island.

Lastly hopefully our family can enjoy the trip and hav a great time to get together again. Will update more about the trip once I'm back.

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