Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gain more

Have been thinking about making money lately. Yes, although now not lack of anything for living, but since still young no harm to gain more extra income and also gain experience. Brandon’s fren hav approach him in Lampe Berger and 1901 Hotdog franchise business. He still looking into it, but for LB we dun think to run it and has been trying very hard to reject his good fren invitation for the business preview. For myself, I’m pretty interested joining Shirlyn in making crystal accessories.

I wan to look for some business, which can do at my own pace and not required tight deadline. Shirlyn know about it, but we still haven’t really sit down n face to face discuss about it. Brandon fully supports me in doing it. I hope can get it starts soon, at least learn how to make the accessories first before any others. Now need to wait for Shirlyn when she is free to teach me.

Always see those who selling hawkers food very good in business. And hav been roughly calculating their income “daily income x by month” by selling a bowl of mee lets say.., some are having better income than a manager level / white collar. Anyway they hav been putting a lot of effort to gain the successful, is worthwhile. See ppl doing good but dunno how much I can handle if I were them.

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