Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Win Win..lucky me!

If u listen to MyFM, you’ll know since yesterday there is a cash game show, whereby at certain hour the DJ will call u and u can win cash money. A game sponsor by ING Insurance. I have SMS registered myself since the game promo ad on-air during the weekend. I just throw my luck again, as I said in my life I never hav this kind of lucky draw for prizes’s luck. I just sent in just to put a hope that I will win something. I know again the chances are damn low..millions of ppl to pick from.

The game rules is like this. The DJ will call u, when u pick up ur phone, u can’t mention any “Hello”, which is very common to start ur phone conversation. U need to be alert and directly mention the “MyFM tagline”, then u r eligible to win RM100, followed by if u can mention “I.N.G” for 3 times another RM100 is for u. So a total of RM200 is in ur hand. Plus, if that particular hour is bonus hour, u will get an extra RM700. So, in summary if tagline and ING being mention, for not bonus hour = RM200, bonus hour = RM900. If you mention “Hello” upon answer the call, RM200 will accumulated to the next lucky winner.

Yesterday night got home from gym, took my rest as usual, browsing Internet and check mails before went to bed. Actually I was so tired until my eyes almost closed when reading emails and thought wanted to shut off the pc and went to bed already. At that time I’m not on my radio, coz do not used to on plus Brandon already sleep like a baby at that time. I just alone doing my stuff at another room.

So, since I registered for the game, day n night I listen to the radio and grad hold my phone wherever I go. And also alert all the incoming call number, make sure it is either “Withheld” or number start with 03-9543..”Withheld” displayed normal are those calls from private or hidden number.

Yesterday night 11.45pm, while charging my cellphone, it rings. I take a look at the number display it is “Withheld”. I paused a while not answer directly, quickly in my mind I told myself, is this the call I waiting for? I’m so lucky ah? So, dun care la..just press the answer button. Upon picking up, the other party was quiet, so I just mention out the tagline, then the DJ Fan Bin said: “Congratulation! U win urself RM100!” then not waiting any longer I mention “ING, ING, ING” wow…he told me win another RM100. I was so so surprise and my whole body was in cold sweat, shivering, excited, laugh n happy…n I scream to him…wow…really so surprise…

He continue asked me: “Do you know how much u have win?”I said: “Yeah I wan to know, how much? Faster tell me!” I was talking in shivering n laughing, coz one side excited, one side was unexpected happiness. Too bad la..Brandon that time slept already, he can’t see how I get excited.

He said: “You have total win urself RM600 from the accumulated”. I screamed: “Wow!!!....thank you thank you.” “Plus we will give u another extra RM100”. I screamed again: “Wow!! RM700!!”. My tiers almost falls from my eyes and can’t stop laughing.

He continue: “Not only that, this hour is bonus hour, mean u know how much u can get?”. I said: “Another RM700 and total up RM1400!” I continued to scream and scream and it is unbelievable that I’m the lucky one!.

Aft he took down my personal details, we continued to chit-chat for a while. At that time I still can’t get myself to cool down and I can’t describe those sudden surprise comes to me… He told me he is having so many names n numbers and he dunno which to pick, happen that my name comes at the last one in the list, so he picked that n called me…Imagine yesterday was the first day only. Oh my God…so easy RM1400 cash in your hand just giv u like that, with just few words u need to mention…without doing anything in compete…I still thinking how come is me…as last evening when on the way to gym, I told Brandon I just registered to join the game and he even told me won’t b so easy n lucky can b selected, so many ppl…and we even discuss over it, on how to tackle the number we received and what to say when the call is in n etc…our conversation was just like a pre-practice to me.

After I hang up the call, I SMS my close cousins to tune in to the radio and listen to my scream on-air. Can’t wait the edited playback on the radio. Aft 2 songs my scream voice on-air. Wow, I was like..ahh…dunno..i dunno how to say la…

My cousins called me aft the on-air playback n we chit-chat for awhile, she feel happy for me…one of my college fren also listen at that hour as well and she also called to congrat. They so envy for I can simply win a large amount of money. They said how come I so lucky…my this college fren 4 years ago also listening when I won movie tickets….ohh…it was just so great!!

Yesterday night I can’t even sleep tight…too excited liow…coz the happy stream just flow in my mind n body…Before laying down I SMS my dad n bro to tell them this good news…and my dad congrats me too…today I still feel energetic..not sleepy at all…I still stick to MyFM and listen to other lucky one.

I still dunno how to spend this money until I get it. Brandon finally registered himself thru SMS. Friends, if u wan to stand a chance faster SMS now. Key in “MYREG(space)ur name” eg. “MYREG JUDY CHOW” and send to 32366. Upon register u will get a confirmation message. Aft registered, tune to it and hold ur phone tightly and u will be the next lucky one.


Li Li Chan said...


Very nice to hear that you have won something! and having to win RM1400 wow! Amazing babe!

Stanley said...

Walao, don't know how to spend the money? DONATE IT!!!
If you have problems about the recipient, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Anonymous said...

wow! cant believe u wont such a big amount of money so easily!! congratulations yeah! just save up the money if u donno how to use it hehe

Shirlyn said...

wow! cant believe u wont such a big amount of money so easily!! congratulations yeah! just save up the money if u donno how to use it hehe