Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcoming the Tiger Year (Day 9 to Day 15)

Comes to the last post about how I spend my CNY. Hopefully I'm not drag it too long or you will start get boring reading this.

22/2 (Monday) 初九
School start day, daddy resume work and so do my daily routine are back too. The boy having hard time to wake up after 1 whole week of break. But luckily he was not fuss when waking him up, he was actually so looking forward to go to school everyday.

23/2 (Tuesday) 初十
Attend a focus group discussion with Mummy Moon at my ex-company Synovate. For the first time being a respondent there I feel so excited. Manage to met some of my old colleagues and friends and say Hi to them. We were there to discuss about milk powder and this discussion was one of the project from Dutch Lady Friso Gold.

They served us a simply dinner (fried rice from La Manila) before the discussion start. There were 8 of us mummy there, who giving kids and baby Friso Gold milk. The discussion was speaking in Cantonese, thus I feel very comfortable to voice out my opinion fluently. We talked and discuss on many area about giving milk powder and baby. The whole section lasted for 2.5 hours and as a token of appreciate we were being paid for RM150. After this discussion I know a lot of things and how important of a good milk powder work on the kids.

Guess what, immediately on the next day (24/2) I switched Terry's milk powder back to Friso Gold after giving him 1 year on Abott Gain Plus Eye-Q. The biggest reason to change also because I don't see the milk powder works good in improving his immune system and appetite, especially after he starts going to school, he really fall sick very frequently. Terry was fully on Friso Gold milk since born till end of year 2008, when my FIL stop distributing Dutch Lady milk product that time, then only we decide to take other milk poweder. This was actually my first time to decide back what milk powder to give for the boy.

27/2 (Saturday) 十四
My usual Saturday morning to visit wet market in OUG as early as 6.30am. Pack lunch only coz at the night we got dinner, so normally I won't be cooking if eating 1 meal at home. At night dine with hub's customers at Restaurant RichWell near SS2.

魚溪(井口)拉面 灌湯包

We have lou sang (2nd time) and some dishes to go with rice. While waiting for the boss to come, we have some light appetizer first like salad scallops and siew loong pao.

Siew loong pao

This is a very new restaurant which has been in business for a few months time only. It located opposite Nan-King vegetarian restaurant and same row with Restaurant Green View. Their specialist in la mien and siew loong bao. We started the dinner kinda late at almost 9pm. There were 6 adults and 3 kids.

All the dishes ordered was picked from Chef Recommended menu. There are 2010 Lou Sang, cheese prawn, steam fish, nam yu pork ribs (juicy and tender), a vegetarian variety and lastly dessert too.

2010 捞生 (consist of organic fruits and vege) before other stuffs top up like crackers, sesame, salmon slices and etc. It was so different from the regular one, simply love this!

All ready before we lou

Cheesy prawn, I have 2 of this.

Very big fish, I have taken a portion of the meat bigger than my hand palm

Overall the foods are delicious and so do the service is good and fast. Besides this great dinner, the boy got a good time too playing with Oscar (age 3) and baby Gary (11 months).

We hugging a full tummy back home at 12am.

28/2 (Friday) 元宵节
Last day of CNY - Chap Goh Mei. Back to FIL's house for dinner. I brought back one of my own cook dish which is stew pork egg. After dinner we just relax and TV time. My FIL and family just back from Japan few days ago spending a splendid of 7 days Japan tour since CNY day 3. They brought back some souvenir for us,

For Terry - Mickey sweets and a watch from capsule machine at Disneyland Japan. The watch colour is girlie a bit, but no choice it cannot be choose from the machine.

(Not from Japan) Tops bought by FIL for Terry. They given to me on 1st day of CNY

For me - an agnes b canvas bag with charm from SIL. It was a limited edition 2010 spring/summer collection bag comes with the agnes b magazine. It was just release on Feb 19th. Thanks them for grabbing me one.

That's about it, my 2010 Tiger Chinese New Year. Hope you've got a great one too!


Mummy Gwen said...

Looks like these were the best days during CNY. So fruitful. Nice stuff from your FIL. The Poney hoodie is very nice. your Agnes B bag. I don't know much bout this brand lor..hehe.

How I wish I was there to join the discussion group. :P Friso better than Abbott? Gwen's drinking Gain Kid.

Mummy Moon said...

the bag is nice, i like it too. The lou sang wt strawberry, so special.

ChloeRuoyi said...

The special lou sang looks very yummy. I've never seen anything like that before.

Eh, C has the same capsule watch (diff colour) bought from the Disney Funtasy in NZX here, last time.

LittleLamb said...

i like yr agnesb bag......

n u think frico can really help on immune system?

Mommy Ling said...

hah..i just spotted a Barney bag, My gal also has one, she just love de bag.

Ur NY celebration came with a nice bag, love the bag.