Thursday, March 04, 2010

Welcoming the Tiger Year (Day 1 & Day 2)

14/2 (Sunday) 初一
I don't really feel so much in the Valentine's Day mood, basically because 1st day of CNY is more important for anything else. We were so busy going everywhere and almost forget about it.

First, back to FIL there visiting, giving ang pao to everyone and serve wishes tea too to both elder IL.

Left: With FIL, SIL#2 and SIL#3. Right: With mIL

Thereafter went to my uncle#1 house in Bangsar at noon. It was at the peak timing when we reach there. Since my uncle is open house on 1st day of CNY, it was full of ppl, looking at those pairs of shoes at the entrance you will get shock.. It was so pack, only enough space to stand. No one wanted to stand outside, as the weather was extremely hot frying. Family, friends and guests came batch by batch. My uncle and aunty not only good in serving us and welcome us, they also very generous too, for everyone who came she will gave angpao no matter young, old, single or married.

After got married, I only get to visit them once a year. Therefore I was so busy to catch up with many of my cousins and giving angpao. All my dad's side uncle and aunty will be gathering in my uncle's place, so at one go I get to see all of them.

Terry got his wonderful time there too with his cousin Kieran. Both same age with 5 months different. Now they bigger and know how to play together and fighting too, LOL!

They were at upstair room playing

When the guests left a bit, they came down to eat

Later, they pretend to play picnic...haha..eating by sitting on a blanket

We spend a good 2.5 hours there then back home for a shower. The boy only got that barely 10 mins nap on the journey back. At night, we went out for dinner at Restaurant S Jun Kee in Damai Perdana, Cheras for a Yee Sang toss 8 course meal with FIL and close relatives. The food was not really nice overall and serving service is slow.

1st round lou sang

Back home, no time for rest yet, need to pack luggage as we heading to Ipoh for 2 days and visiting my mum side close relatives and my cousins. After all packing, checking and loading all things into the car boot, it was 2am already. By this time, my nose feel extremely uncomfortable and block. Took flu med (Clarinase) then head to sleep at 2.30am+. I know I will get sick the very next day. The weather was extremely bad, plus going in and out the whole day without rest.

15/2 (Monday) 初二
True enough, I’m look like a sick cat and so do Terry. He was same like me too, the flu med he took seems not working well on him and he also no appetite for his milk. Woke up at 7.30am then head to see doc at 24 hours clinic before heading to my parents house for visiting. Both of us see doc on CNY..what a bad time to get sick. That’s it, I can stop eating all the CNY foods and snacks and even mandarin oranges, only allow to take non heaty food.

Mum prepared fish porridge for us, luckily the boy able to ate a bit. After giving big angpao for my parents then we start our journey to Ipoh. Since the boy and me on med, we both feel very tired along the journey. My dad follow our car just in case hubs need another pair of hand to continue the drive. Good that the boy not cranky and just sleep on most part of the journey. It took 2.5 hours to reach Ipoh.

We first check-in to Syuen Hotel before heading to my 2nd kao-fu house for lunch.

It was our first time with Terry staying in hotel. We booked the room through online reservation and it was RM199 per night for a King size bed.

After the dilly-dally check-in done (poor service for giving us wrong room and change room, walk up and down), we back to Taman Loke Lim, my uncle's house for lunch.

After lunch, giving angpao, bai-nian with all ah-yi then we back to hotel to rest. Back in Ipoh here also the same, all my mum's side uncle and aunty will gather in at kaofu #2 house and I got to see all of them at one go. Thereafter, we back hotel for nap. Obviously the boy was not used to it, he wanted to go out the room after shower. After persuade and talk to him a bit and had his milk, he took his 2 hours nap.

At night, dinner time we back to my 3rd ah-yi house in Bercham for a BBQ party. I brought back 2 boxes of C2 green tea for them to cooling :P all of them love the drink and it finish off just before the party end. Lots of BBQ foods there like lamb chop, pari fish, kembong fish, squid, otak-otak, chicken wings and etc. So, I 'tasted' all with my eye, me and Terry only ate the fried meehoon. But, I still can't resist, toward the end of the party, I curi to taste the squid and otak-otak abit. It taste so good anyway, my aunt#1 have been making the special sauce since 2 days ago with all her secret ingredients. Half way of the party, hubby was away to adjoin his Ipoh friends for drinking.

After the food finish and clear up, the adults have fun time of chatting, laughing and drinking, while the younger one play some sparklers.

Terry got his first time holding on a sparkler and he not really keen to play for more. The night, he got all fun time sticking to this Plasma Car.

My first time knowing this moving toy and it was so good to play for adult and kids. It moves by wiggle the steering left right and it will go.

It was certainly my choice of car toy, for its simple design and solid material, not require any battery charging for it to move, easy to bring and carry, low maintenance and something different from bicycle or tricycle. Guess what, it was only selling at RM99 in Ipoh.

I was so fascinating to it and just wanted to bought it back immediately. There have 2 plasma car and 1 tricycle and this kiddos play chasing and roaming everywhere.

There was a birthday celebration too for 3 CNY birthday babies. The cake was baked by my twins cousin bro.

Ash Lim 18th birthday

Nam Nam 4th birthday and Jason Tan 28th birthday. A proud daddy to 2 cute daughters.

The adults got to taste some 20 years old liquor (Martell) and wines contributed by my cousin sis.

They have the wild time drinking it with the bottle itself without mixing it into water and ice. For other small drinker, they drink from spoon. I got the good time cheering to them but not drinking. The party ends at 12.30am.

That was how I spend my 2nd day of CNY. This day got the be the highlight of my CNY. It was not easy to get everyone together for a great time of eating and drinking.

~~~ Coming up CNY Day 3 to Day 4 ~~~


mommy to chumsy said...

if i knew you were also in syuen, i would arrange to meet up with you and terry :D when i saw terry during the morning..coming out of the lift, i thought i was dreaming...hehheeh. i was telling myself, how come this boy look so much like terry :D we also booked online and the service was ok. thank god no wrong room number for us :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..your first 2 days of CNY were so "yit lau". Your post is so detail..your memory is so good leh..hehe..I enjoyed reading it. :)

You really have alot of relatives. Wuah drink Mattel straight from the bottle ah...geng ah..haha.

Irene said...

i stayed b4 in syuen hotel :)
you guys had a great CNY too yeah? me also 1st time see drinking alcohol from spoon. hahaha!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

What an interesting CNY!