Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The CNY Eve

I hope I won't be too late to update how I spend my Chinese New Year. Basically, I don’t really enjoy very much because Terry and I both fall sick on the 2nd day, plus this year also a time I ate a lot of lesser compare to previous years, so in total I don't feel so much into this CNY. Recap how I spend my CNY eve till the 15th day. All my CNY posts will be cover up by this week.

12/2 (Friday) 年廿九
Hubby off work for a week and Terry last day of school before the CNY break. Went to bank, do last minute check on the gift to send and prepare the ang pao with new notes.

At night, back to FIL place for our family reunion dinner. This year was the last time having reunion dinner there, next year we will be at a new duplex condo house with bigger space at Mutiara Upper East @ Ampang. They will shift in soon right after renovation. For the first time SIL#2 bring back her boyfriend to dinner with us. For SIL#1 this may be her last round join us for an eve reunion dinner, she will get married in this October.

13/2 (Saturday) 除夕
Woke up early for some daily chores then back to FIL's kampong in Seremban. Along the Seremban Highway from Bangi onwards, it was moving slow and jam for almost an hour. There was road block actually, don't know block for what and making the whole highway go slow. Before we back to the kampong we drop by hub's aunty place in Labu for visiting, by lunch time we only back to the kampong.

Terry's great grandfather was still here and he is at age of 95+. Every year we will back there 2 times visiting – CNY and his birthday. He was too weak to walk and sit up, at times blur blur talk, couldn't really recognize ppl, but he still can talk very loud, smoking and drinking. Staying there with him and taking care of him was my FIL's elder brother and family.

Since it was a kampong house with sink roof, it was real killing hot inside the house during daytime. Sitting and standing everywhere also sweaty hot with no air-con and slow moving of high-speed fan. This is how Terry looks like after playing with his cousins.

We spend few hours there gathering and left after dinner at 7pm. Reach home at 8pm, checking on the boy, he was not really feeling well the whole day with flu. For not to let it to go worst, I quickly rush out to nearby pharmacy to see if any of them open and wanted to buy some flu and cough med. As expected, reunion night, none of that open, left only general clinic open. So no choice, went in to buy the med without consultation.

The boy was just finish his set of medicine a week ago for noses sensitive, now it back again. His nose has been super sensitive since after going to school. Every other morning he will sneeze then got mucus. If it is not that serious one, it will clear by noon. Else, got to see doc to take med for it to stop. So for this round I'm sure his got nose sensitive. The med I got back was told can cure both nose sensitive and flu. Put him to sleep after med and milk then clear the laundry, checking here and there, watch the countdown live show then went to sleep.

~~~ Coming up CNY day 1 and day 2 ~~~


Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...Terry was sweating profusely in the photos. I agree it was hot hot hot during CNY. I didn't enjoy much also during CNY.

Your FIL new place must be very nice.

Merryn said...

Alamax!!! how come he sweat until like dat?????? macam me.. the over baked lizard

chinnee said...

got air con we also sweat like mad. cannot imagine how we live in kampong house those days when there is no air con. Poor Terry, he must have got overheated during the bad weather :(

Everyday Healy said...

Wow! Looks like raining. Poor boy! :)

mNhL said...

CNY = bad weather and late night sleep = SICK.

Irene said...

walao, look at terry boy! really sweat keng wan le! hahaha!