Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holiday Homework

Every Friday right after fetching Terry back home, the first thing I did was open his school bag and fish out the Weekly Progress Report. I'm actually quite excited and very looking forward to read it every week to see what he has learn and what he did in school. I can tell you the feeling was just like revealing a wrapped I too much or overacted? haha..

Beside the report, sometime there will be some other separate notes, announcement for parents or party pack, art works and etc. Over the 1 week school holiday, for the first time he brought back an exercise book.

I thought it was a whole new blank book without any writing. Surprised me, he has actually done some writing work on it at school. I'm quite happy on what he able to write so far since he just able to grip the pencil correctly before CNY.

Here are part of it,

I laughed over it and Terry laugh with me too...and telling me those alphabets he wrote. It was just too cute. The last page was this revision homework on the alphabets l, t and i. 1 page only!

He was so eagar wanted to write when he saw it. While I'm serving the lunch, he started to write already and finish all before I start to feed him. These were all wrote by himself. I just help to rub off those not written correctly. He just got a bit difficult to dot the letter 'i'. After he done all, he kept wanted to rub off what he has wrote cause he find it so fun to write and rub.

That Friday lunch time, he enjoys writing very much. I even gave him some extra writing on blank sheet. The writing work occupied him till he finish the lunch.


Kristie said...

wow looks like he won't need any pushing to finish homework ya, since he enjoys it so much :)

MeRy said...

well done Terry!!
Practice more & sure You can write better.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lemonjude, was at Slavemom's place noticed your callsign.
Its great having kids, better than watching TV.
Was admiring your kid's writing, very good.
Kid's learn, pick up from their teacher's influence.

Incidentally, my previous posting I did a mention on children's handwriting, what to spot for in terms of behaviour and personality.
You have a nice weekend, best regards, Lee.

Mummy Gwen said...

I look forward to see what's in Gwen's weekly progress report too..haha.

Terry is a fast learner. He is progressing so well and best of all he likes doing homework. :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow terry is such an enthusiastic student!! Well done!!

ChloeRuoyi said...

He can write very well and in such a short time, he really progressed a lot! Good job, Terry!

slavemom said...

I look fwd to the progress report too :), but it's oni once a mth for my boy. Keep up the good work, Terry! U're a vy good student.

LittleLamb said...

looks like he suka sekolah..
keep it up Terry!

vickylow said...

Good job Terry. He love to write and has so motivated to write without you coaching him.

Rachel said...

Hi Judy,

Chanced upon your blog.

I am amazed by Terry's attention will be so easy for him to learn and breeze through school.

Alice Law said...

You have such a sweet little boy that enjoy schooling! I wish my girl's kinddy would have weekly report about her, really don't know how's her pregress so far... hrm~!