Saturday, March 06, 2010

Welcoming the Tiger Year (Day 5 to Day 8)

18/2 (Thursday) 初五
Not going anywhere, clean up the house, done the laundry and cook lunch. At night, I went dinner at my parent's with the boy, as hubby have gathering 'lou sang' dinner with his secondary schoolmates.

19/2 (Friday) 初六
Never in my mummy life before I got the good time to sleep till afternoon 12.15pm. After lunch, I was in front of the computer to finish up the paid reviews till evening. Late dinner time at 8.30pm, we eat out at Fatty Mok Yong Tau Foo in Salak South.

The night, first time I let the boy sleep by himself at the super single bed next to us in the same room. He agreed for sleeping on his own when I asked him. This bed was not new to him as he used to have his afternoon nap. It was actually hubby's bed since Terry slept next to me at my Queen size bed at age 2. He was quite ok with it and no separation anxiety at night for not having me next to him.

Officially sleep by his own

20/2 (Saturday) 初七
This day we also called it 人日 (Human Day) the common "birthday" for all human beings. No special celebration. In the morning, I went attended a make-over makeup section invited by a primary schmate – Stacey Lee. At the same time also giving my support to her since I also wanted to learn something on make up. She is a new friend to me, we same primary school but different class. Only got know her through Facebook few months back.

She was a professional make-up artist cum Image Consultant, trying to promote her service in Sunway Pyramid. She was participating in the SOHO network booth for 2 weekend time. She also giving personal make-up course and workshop from time to time. is her web-store, besides on her make-up service, she also do facial & face painting. In her online store, she was selling some ladies clothing, make-up accessories, cosmetics, lingeries and bags.

This is me after the make-over. This year the trend was focus on the eye for making it big and dark. Err...I don't quite like it. Taking pic after the make up looks more natural, in actual the eye is really big and dark. I was thinking to hang longer in the mall after that, but I don't feel that comfortable having that thick make-up on my face.

I was so wanted to watched 72 Tenants of Prosperity (72家租客) or The Big day! WooHoo (大日子WooHoo) by MyAstro on this CNY. Since no one interested to go movie with me, I managed to bought back the WooHoo DVD to watch it at home with everyone. This was the first ever home-grown Chinese movie and it was so hot since before CNY. Everybody I know they have watch it (include my FIL to go midnight show for it), so I must watch it without fail. Bought this at Speedy before the make-over start. This DVD was selling at RM19.90 and it is worth to collect it.

At night, my one and only closest cousin sister Evangeline Lai came to my parents place for a new year visit. We have dinner together. Since we grow up we seldom have chance to get together for a section like this. We've got a great time chatting and catching up with each other.

A lovely Famous Amos hamper from her

21/2 (Sunday) 初八
My normal Sunday got to then back to parent's place till night. Distribute the last round of ang pao at church for the kiddos. Night time till late, the fireworks were caught everywhere from my balcony. It was the 'bai tin gong' day for Hokkiens. The atmosphere is more happening than the CNY eve.

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mommy to chumsy said...

oh i like your make-up :) are these smoky eyes? very nice.

MeRy said...

You looks pretty after the make-up....

Mummy Gwen said...

You look stunning in the new make over. I can't recognize you leh..hehe. I love the eye makeup but I can never do it right.

reanaclaire said...

hi Lemonjude... what a nice makeover! i have tried that 2 times, one year after another..and out of the many pics they took, i only could choose one that looks OK.. :( hahhahaa... so much for makeover..

slavemom said...

U look fab, Judy! I almost couldn't recognise u. ;)
Wah... so good Terry can sleep on his own bed. I'm still waiting for the day my boy dun hv to 'smell' me to sleep. :(

vialentino said...

u know wat...i cant wait for dylan to sleep by himself actually...

mNhL said...

Haha..I'm just like you. Feeling uncomfortable with heavy make up on the face. But you look very nice. And yes...was waiting to watch that WooHoo but don't have the time. looking at the 2 kids enough already. 24 hour a day really not enough!

vickylow said...

Good boy Terry, he can sleep by himself on his bed already. Judy you look great and nice make up.

Mommy Ling said...

Nice make over done. This CNY i didnt get to do anything for myself, envy seeing ppl 'pan leng leng'.

**wana say Hello to you, first time dropping by ur blog.

Debbie Y said...

hmm... you seem to have a very eventful CNY.

btw, nice makeover!!!

Annie Q said...

very detail on your chinese new year and look very happening.

We like to go to Fatty Mok Yong Tau Foo in Salak South, we go there quite often.

Yea, we also bought Woohoo dvd, no chance to go to cinema to watch, it always full house!