Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vitamin for recovery

Since Terry's eating time is terrible now (he needs 1 hour or longer to finish his meal) and he eats little too, basically he don't have much appetite these days and I still try to find out whats wrong with him. I was so worried sick too on how much vitamin his body will absorb since he is eating so little and his skin recovery need lots of carbo and vitamin everyday.

Last Sunday, I was followed my mum to her nutritionist clinic. So I took the chance to ask more about skin recovery and he suggested these to us majoring in skin cell renewal. He also share with me lots of natural nutrition info.
These are the vitamin products are currently taking - Colloidal Silver, Injury drop (to repair and renew skin cell), Vitamin C and E (4 types from Dr. Chan), Nutrilite Chewable and Elken IG6

Terry's current Dr. not giving him any oral vitamins or medicine to encourage speedy skin recovery. Only given the itchy cream (doesn't work much too) and also ask to eat more food. But you know kids, you got no way to force them if they don't want. Everyday during meal time and sleeping time the scratching series is on, more or less no appetite because of that too.

Hopefully the vitamins can strengthen his body, renew the damage cell and speed up the skin recovery.

About this Nutritionist we are going. Here is the website http://www.natural-health.com.my/. He is not a doctor prescribed medicine, but he promotes good health using the natural way and taking vitamin to balance up the body elements. Many doctors are his patients/ customers too. The most he is doing is asking for remove tooth filling (the silver colour cement for closed up teeth holes), as the mercury use in the silver filling greatly poison and damage to our health. Do read in his website on cancer cures and other patient's testimonials. Hope you find it useful.

Just to share my mum's case. She always has joint pain here and there, been taking lots of nutrition products, western or chinese way, whichever ppl said good, but still couldn't get rid of it. After doing the heavy metal tests from the clinic, the result shows that her body having toxic and unbalance metal elements everywhere, if not cure, she will get cancer very soon. Yes, previously those vitamins and nutrition product she took is no wrong, but it increase some elements which the body not needed a lot and some elements is not enough. Meaning if you eat Vit A-Z, it is not all that you really need. By eating the right vitamin only your body will benefits from it. After more than 1 year she taking his prescribed vitamins, now her body is at great condition.

This uncle church member's son who suffering from skin eczema for years have seek for skin specialist and medication everywhere before he met Dr. Chan. When he met Chan, the first thing is ask him to remove the silver tooth filling then took the required vitamins and in 3 months time the skin slowly recovering.


sting said...

oh, really hope the lil guy recovers fully real soon ya.. *hugs to Terry*

oh I heard about the metal test.. in fast when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I did buy the liquid drops meant to reduce metal in our body... some said it works for them but I guess in my dad's case, it was too serious already :-( Glad to hear that it works for your mum and the uncle.

suesue said...

Hopefully all the vitamins will helps. By the way where is this Dr Chan's clinic. My kids have enczema and I am still trying many creams and oils that doesn't help much. It is kind of frustrated to see my kids scratching here and there.

carrot said...

wow..that's a lot of vitamin.. i think he's progresing very well.. gambateh :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Judy,

Hope Terry recover real soon. I think vitamins is great to speed up the recovery process.

You rest well and stay pretty. :)

huisia said...

i don't know how efficient of taking Colloidal Silver although i had been reviewing this products a lot, but, i ever read an article saying that it actually can cause blue skin.

It is always good to have supplements, but you have to make sure Terry drinks more water after taking those vitamins, you know, those powder form of vitamin actually not good for kids' kidney. As for the IG6, maybe you can open up the capsule and let Terry takes the powder only. That's what i do for my boys.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I have read about heavy metals and mercury (tooth filling) in our bodies. These can cause a string of ailments. I may want to see this doctor but must convince my hubby first.

Baby Darren said...

wau..that's a lot to take... Terry willing to take all those? Darren not even wanted the "Scotts Emulsion" these days...and that's the only supplement i gave him.

Hope his condition improve after consuming all these supplements.

KittyCat said...

Wow...that's a lot of supplements for such a little boy. Maybe you should just show the doctor what you're giving.

There are cases where adults suffer kidney failure from consuming too many pill supplements.

Your body can only take so much and the rest is flushed out. What Hui Sia advises is right!

Be careful with what you're doing ok? I'd go with trying to give him more natural foods :)

akash said...

Nice to see Terry in good condition.

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Hope u will like that.

Love to Terry

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