Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biotherm facial products

I have been trying out lots of facial products and frankly tell you I haven't found any of that I like. Facial products from shopping mall counters, direct sales, from beautician all I used before, but none of that satisfied me. My face skin is kind of sensitive, oily and having visible pores. I also quite particular on the feel after applying it, make sure it is not sticky, not oily, not shinning and not itchy; also the product can't contain with strong alcohol ingredient.

My last set of facial products was before I'm having Terry, after that I'm using those normal products from pharmacy and thats really quite spoilt to my face skin. It is almost near 3 years I didn't really take care of my face and use proper facial products. No, I did't go back to my beautician too to have facial treatment. My face really looks the dull and "yellow" (wong min po).

Also because I found my skin having more pigments, I started to realise I got to take care my face before its too late. First, I got my collagen masks then a set of facial product. I've shortlisted to SK-II and Biotherm. After asking around for the effectiveness of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I found that it is not really that good too for many people who used it before.

Lastly, I gave a try on Biotherm (oily to combination range). This is the set I got back.
Starter set - Facial cleaner, Toner, Serum (sample, but finish), Moisturiser and Sun-block (sample) with pouch (RM90)

I really so satisfied with it. The serum, moisturiser and sun-block not leaving any oily and sticky feel after apply. I don't feel my face very oily after all day long and even come back from outside. I slightly can see the result after using it for more than 2 weeks. I'm happy and like it. It totally suit my needs. I think this could be my end search of facial care products. Can't wait to finish this set and get a regular size for all.


huisia said...

The White Detox works fine on my face, it really helps to fade my freckles and also help blocking sun ray.

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm still searching for a product that suits me...haha..

Serene said...

I din realised Biotherm really that good. I have full sets of Biotherm samples last time given by my cousin, but never use it till it expired.... Heart pain now!