Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That's our day!

It was sooo long since the last we 3 go out together. Finally, on Monday we got the time and we spend our day out of the house for the good 5 hours at Mid Valley. We just want to bring Terry out of the house as he has not been to anywhere except back to hospital for check up.

He is extremely bored at home (actually me too). Everyday evening is raining - can't go out to park or else the big hot sun hanging up the sky - he can't go under sunlight. On Sunday, happen my parents and aunt visit us, when they leave the house, he looks so dissappointed after waved bye-bye to them. He kept pointing the door, whining and want to wear shoe go out. Oh boy, so pity for not bringing you out. So, for not letting him down, the next day we got brought him out to walk walk no matter how.

We out the house around 11am and easily get a parking too when we reach. We only eat, window shop and bring Terry for all kid's ride in Jusco.

Happily waiting for our food at Kenny Rogers

Terry was having the sidelines - rice, baked bean, mash potatoes and muffin. He was all the way "uummm" means taste good la...But to me it was getting bad each time. It was like more than 10 years ago, every Friday I went down to KL Kasturi for tuition. Me and my bunch of classmates for sure no fail will go for Kenny Rogers at Kota Raya before our class. During that time, it was all really good and tasty. Too bad, now I can't find back the taste.

We proceed to window shop for toys. I was so afraid the boy will going to hold on one toy (especially those Thomas), refuse to let go and later may be cry and create havoc. Luckily he was not, when I try to distract him by saying Thomas is there, more here and etc..he will put down the toy and let me hold his hand and go. We then went into Jusco for all kid's ride. He was good too, not stick to one ride after it stop and co-operate when we want to go.


After the ride and all, he was tired to walk. Daddy carry him and we proceed to The Gardens. He refused to walk too when we were there and wants me to carry. So I did, carry him walking up and down The Gardens till he falls asleep on my shoulder.

Since he slept we can't walk for longer too. The boy refused daddy to carry, he cried when I passed him to daddy. Walk back to Mid Valley, feel hungry already. We have our late lunch at Madam Kwan's. Hubby ask for Fish and Chips and I have this -

Nasi Bojari

My first time here. It was good, the portion is big, see the drumstick..very satisfied. This plate makes me full till 9pm. Terry was still sleep on me while I'm eating. Back home my whole body ache after carrying the boy walk in the mall. Took a quick shower and catch a nice nap. Dinner time I cook again, but I have it late.

Thats was how we spend our day. See, things around are expansive, just eat without shop already damage RM100+. Really hard to afford to go shopping and eat out every week.


Mummy Gwen said...

Hey..we were at Mid Valley too that day..haha..Terry is such a good boy, didn't throw any tantrum when at Jusco's play centre. He also likes the drum huh..hehe..Gwen is also fascinated with it. It's a great family outing. Next time when Terry is well, maybe u can bring him to Sunway Wildlife Park. :P

slavemom said...

Must hv been good for Terry to be out kai kai after so long. Looks like he's really enjoying all the rides. Ahh... u're making me hungry with that Nasi Bojari. Haven't had that for vy long edi. As for Kenny Rogers, we've banned that plc coz hubby said the food's really lousy.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like many of us were out at Mid Valley on MOnday :) I know how it feels after being cooped up for so long at home. I felt the same too, and Baby C was also very happy that she can go kai kai. For the past 3 mths, the only place that we are always going to is also the hospital :(

Irene said...

hehe... all go Midvalley, we did too, but on wkends oni.

i agreed with you loh, if u dont spend $$ on shopping, u spend it on food. so its always $$$, even the parking cud pay for a simple lunch for 1 pax :(

Mommy to Chumsy said...

glad terry enjoyed himself at the mall. love the photos :) oh boy...i must visit kenny rogers soon..the food look delicious!!!!

Baby Darren said...

didn;t u bring stroller along?? It's not easy to carry a heavy toddler to walk in a mall.

I'm sure Terry had a good time in MV and it was a good family day outing.

p/s: still can cook dinner somemore after a long day out...pui fook...

Lemonjude said...

baby darren: he don't want to sit in stroller since he can walk. Even car seat also don't want now. Yeah, my body like broken into few pieces once sit down after carry him for like more than 0.5 hr walking.

vickylow said...

So happy to see his smile. He must be very enjoy on the outing.

Bryan's Mama said...

Sounds like a great day out!

KittyCat said...

Hahaha...I remember the good 'old' Kenny Rogers too!

Terry likes the sidelines eh? I must let Lucas try them too when we return to Malaysia :)

Annie Q said...

I'm sure Terry enjoy his outing very much, can see his happy face.
What a great family day out.

sue said...

So long time didn't go out I'm sure her really enjoyed it :D