Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Boiling drama

Over the week, I was rushing on this hit movie - Heart of Greed II - Moonlight Resonance (家好月圓) which currently showing on Astro On Demand. I'm not having that channel. It was all downloaded.
Everyday I was boiling a few episodes. Currently I'm at episode 20. Compare to Heart of Greed, I'm more prefer to current series. I find that it is more touching and more family lessons to learn. There was a few scene which really makes me cry. All the casts are very good in acting, I particularly like Hoh Ma.


little prince's mummy said...

wanna watch this drama also... not yet free to start, though... nice or not?

Mummy Gwen said...'s been long time I never catch up with all these dramas. Somehow, lost interest already coz watching alone very bored. When at my mum's hse only got mood to watch...hehe..

Lemonjude said...

little prince's mummy: Yes, it is definitely one of the nice drama of the year. Go get it!

mummy gwen: But once you find it interesting watch alone also shiok =)

Irene said...

hehe, we also download a lot of movies to watch, no time to go cinema lor, so watch at home lor. i also pester hubs to download those latest series from US!

Forever28 said...

I control myself only watch ONE episode per day. But weekend can watch more. I need to buffer few episodes so that I will not running out of the supply, haha!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said... are fast. me still at episode 15 only. i also love this drama a lot...better than heart of greed :D

Lovely Mummy said...

i also watching this episode 17..hehe, rushing now, but no time..