Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kiddo says #1

It was my cousin brother's son - HN (Feb 2006 baby - 3 months older than Terry), he starts to talk at very young age and all this while he is quite mature in his speech and conversation. Here is one of the conversation been told by his grandma (my aunty).

Situation: His grandpa (my uncle) having operation at stomach area, back home one day. His arm cover with a towel (to HN with towel on means that area is in hurt or pain, which is not actually to my uncle), so that HN not climb on his grandpa when he lied down and easily reach his stomach area. HN cry out loud insist want grandpa to remove the towel before he step into the house.

Grandpa give in and remove the towel, and been told and warn seriously not to climb on his body. HN went back to maternal grandma place one day and told her about the incident where grandpa is pain and he said this: "Once I cry yeh-yeh quickly remove the towel already."

I speechless such a small boy can say such already...


Irene said...

u see lah. kids nowadays. manyak the pandai wan. smart oh. kenot con them, they will con us. haha!

Mummy Gwen said...

wow..very good wor, can speak so well huh. By the way, i have an award for u :